Save $15 Off on 1-800 Flowers This Mother’s Day with Apple Pay

Image via Macrumors 
Today, Apple started a Mother’s Day promotion for Apple Pay. The company emailed iPhone users regarding this notice, and it’s only exclusive to the 1-800 Flowers app. Here’s what we know.

The offers depict of $15 off a bouquet from the Mother’s Day collection, only if you purchase it in the 1-800 Flowers app or in their website. The deal is only applied if the purchase is being made via Apple Pay. On the other hand, this promotion is effective from today to the 10th of May, at 11:59 PM EST. Restrictions and exclusions apply.

The email provided to subscribers also includes links to Macy’s, Etsy, Print Studio, which has gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Contrary to the point, it also suggests that you can use Apple Pay Cash to iMessage cash to your mother.

Altogether, the promotion is a great way to get your mother a little something. You can save a fortune for a bouquet, starting at $35 with the deal. Thus, the offer ends on May 10th, so hurry and get some flowers for less.

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