2 Vice Presidents Leave Apple After Several Years of Joining the Company

Now Apple lost two Vice Presidents in their executive team, which includes their VP of manufacturing design and an iPhone operations executive that moved into an AR division. These executives worked with Tim Cook and the senior executive team for several years already.

Image Via Business Insider
The two Vice Presidents named Nick Forlenza and Duco Pasmooij, are now leaving the company after joining the company a few years ago. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg pointed out in the report that “Nick Forlenza, a vice president of manufacturing design, has retired from Apple, while Duco Pasmooij, another vice president who worked on operations, is discussing an exit in the near future, according to people familiar with the moves. Pasmooij left the operations team over a year ago, moving into a role reporting to the company’s head of augmented reality efforts, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing personnel.”

Based on the report, Pasmooij was a vice president for Apple’s operations team before changing his leadership position to report to the Vice President of augmented and virtual reality. He also led the production operations for the iPhone, which is an important product to the Cupertino company. But he will not leave the company until at a later time, as he is planning to depart from the company. Forlenza worked with the newest SVP of Operations, Sabih Kahn, as an executive of manufacturing design. He led the team globally responsible for the supply chains, and production of manufacturing processes and equipment.

Therefore, the departures of the two Vice Presidents are not related to the production lines held responsible by the coronavirus outbreak nor to these executives affecting other Apple employees. Apple has over 100 Vice Presidents that help Tim Cook and the senior executive team lead the company.

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