Apple Watch's Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring Said To Be A Few Years Away

According to the New York Times' latest report, Apple is still in the development of a non-invasive glucose monitoring, so it won't be implemented quickly in the Apple Watch, users may have to wait a few years.

Apple has a long history interested in this technology, the source says this can be traced back to Steve Jobs era. The co-founder of Apple approved a research project at the last minute of his life because he did not like to take a blood glucose test by drawing blood from his fingers. Jobs is also fighting diabetes in the fight against cancer.

Separately, Apple is continuing research on a noninvasive continuous glucose reader, according to two people with knowledge of the project. The technology is still considered to be years away, industry experts said.

Tim Cook was spotted around Apple’s campus in the summer, wearing a non-invasive glucose tracker prototype on his body. According to CNBC, he was testing the prototype accessory to understand how his blood sugar responded to factors like food and exercise.\

The timeline news comes less than a week after Bloomberg published details on a future version of the Apple Watch that may include a built-in EKG reader. Apple Watch currently works with a third party EKG smart band that’s sold separately and it requires a monthly subscription which has been FDA-approved.

Via 9to5Mac And iDownloadBlog, Image Credit iPhone in Canada

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