Apple Is Expected To Ship 70-75 Million iPhones This Fall, Highest Since iPhone 6 Lineup

Well, as we head to the September month within only few days, most users are looking forward to the upcoming iPhones that will be announced in the September 12th. Now, analysts expect Apple to ship 70-75 million units this fall, highest since iPhone 6 lineup was released, that also means many suppliers will benefit from it.

Digitimes out with a new report that Apple suppliers like TSMC and Foxconn will be reaching their all-new revenue high in Q4 of 2018 thanks to the expected good and strong iPhone shipments. Which the 6.1-inch will contribute majority of shipments once it’s released in October.

Most supply chain partners are expected to see revenues pick up significantly along with smooth production and strong shipment momentum before peaking in the fourth quarter of the year.

The impressive upgrades in overall designs and functions as well as the price-friendliness of the 6.1-inch model should give the new devices a shipment momentum much stronger than their two preceding generations, the sources said.

Foxconn will be responsible for building two OLED iPhones, while Pegatron will handle the mass production of LCD models. Meanwhile, TSMC will produce A12 chip with 7nm process and expect to have 20% of speed improvements and 40% of battery reduction. Apple will be announcing the new-generation of iPhones and Apple Watches next month.

Image Via Phone Arena

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