Aug 4, 2018

iOS 12 Beta Leaks: iPhone X vs iPhone X Plus Size Compare, 2018 iPad Pro Models To Feature Rounded Corners

Developer Guilherme Rambo shared new images to compare the upcoming iPhone X Plus (6.5-inch) vs last year's iPhone X (5.8-inch) in terms of size. Rambo says that the material was found in the PassKitUIFoundation framework. However, is said to be not the final design because the rendering size is larger than normal.

In contrast, the iPhone X Plus's bezels appear to be slightly thinner than the iPhone X, but the ratio of the side buttons on the right side is obviously not normal. Indeed, Rambo pointed out that these icons are early and unfinished, so don't take it as a clear indication of the appearance of the new iPhone.

On the other hand, Rambo says that in the latest release of iOS 12 firmware, it is found that the screen of the 2018 iPad Pro may be similar to the iPhone X rounded corner. He obtained a material in the firmware called J3xx affordance corners.png that's a mask for the rounded design that implements UI elements.

It's unclear when Apple will release the new 2018 iPad Pro, it will likely to be launched alongside new iPhones in September. However, it is also possible that Apple will choose to hold a separate event for iPad Pro and Mac in October, just like they did in the past.

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