How To Check Your Monthly Cellular Data Usage In iOS 11

In iOS 11, Apple has added a feature that’s sure to be of value to iPhone users still on a data plan. The new feature shows your data usage, calling, and text usage stats for your current billing cycle (including your other call-enabled devices such as your iPad or Mac). Sadly, this feature is currently only available to T-Mobile users (sure will show up for other carriers’ users sometime in the future).

1. Open the Settings app on the Home screen
2. Tap the “Cellular” menu option.
3. In the Cellular menu, tap the “Usage” menu option.

On the “Usage” page you will able to see How much cellular data you’ve used for the current billing period, how many calls you’ve made, and how many text messages you’ve sent for this billing period. The rest of the UI dedicated to the new feature is comprised of a lot of white space as well as information about when the carrier last updated the data and when is the billing cycle ends.

If you don’t want an app to update when connected to the cellular network? Turn it off in the "Celluar Data" options, and it’ll then only refresh when you’re connected to Wi-Fi, saving you precious megabytes of data.

Image Via MacTrast

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