Health and Fitness App Integration for Siri Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts is one of the greatest additions in iOS 12. It helped many iPhone users be more productive in everyday tasks, such as setting a timer for your laundry and shopping in the grocery store. But there’s one more thing to add: health and fitness app integration with Shortcuts. It consists of Siri commands to track workouts, add health data, and monitoring vital signs.

Workout Tracking with Siri

To begin with, Siri can make your workouts simpler and better. Performance stats are provided in real time, and fitness training will be easier than ever. For example, you can say, “Hey Siri, let’s run!” to start a run in Nike Run Club. You can also program your own shortcuts every time you hit the gym or to the park. Siri can automate this by playing your favorite workout playlist, starting a run, and everything else you’d like when you’re in the gym.

Most shortcuts can be done in just one wrist raise and saying, “Hey Siri, how’s my run?”. Well, that goes for the Apple Watch users and their iPhones. Users will be able to obtain information and metrics in real time in just one command to Siri. All of the answers you need from Siri will appear on your Apple Watch!

Monitoring Vital Signs with a Tap

Not only Siri Shortcuts can make workouts easier, but checking your vitals are easier than before. For example, Dexcom users can ask Siri, “Hey Siri, how’s my BGs going?” and Siri responds to your command. Siri can tell if your blood sugar is steady, high or low. Siri can also provide a graph of your blood glucose levels in real time.

Other than diabetes management, Siri can check you or a loved one’s blood pressure, heart rate, and many other vital signs. For example, you can say, “Hey Siri, what’s my grandmothers' blood pressure?” and Siri can tell you the results and the data in one page. Apps such as Qardio, Nokia Health Mate, and many more are implementing this feature to their apps.

Thus far, Apple is adding more health integrations to Siri. This would be faster and simpler to check your health metrics without having to open the app too much. Apple is making tasks simpler in iOS 12, from Siri Shortcuts to Health. People will be able to see their vitals and metrics at a glance.

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