Oct 25, 2017

Honda Announces 2018 Gold Wing, The First Motorcycle Equipped With Apple's CarPlay System

According to CNET, Honda has announces the first motorcycle that comes featured with CarPlay. The new 2018 Honda Gold Wing motorcycle features a 7-inch LCD in the dashboard, which offers support for CarPlay, just like a standard in-car dashboard. An iPhone can be connected to the bike via USB in the trunk or the storage cubby in the tank, and then accessed through the touch panel.

In order to use CarPlay with the Gold Wing, a Bluetooth headset is required, the CarPlay in the Gold Wing actually works petty well, and can be controlled through the left grip or a rotary controller on the tank. Having intelligent navigation and access to your media or your favorite apps on the bike is great.

Yes, you do have to connect a Bluetooth headset, a requirement mandated by Apple, one that is a bit frustrating since most CarPlay interactions don't require voice. Still, once enabled it works well, controlled either via four-way controller on the left grip or a central, rotary controller down on the tank -- though frankly I can't recommend reaching down to that while on the go. Still, having intelligent navigation and access to your media on the bike is great.

Gold Wing's overall design has been trimmed down and tweaked to achieve a more sporty attitude than past GL models. Like past Gold Wing variations, the bike features state-of-the-art electronics, including drivetrain niceties like a throttle-by-wire system with multiple riding modes, programmable torque control (HSTC), hill start assist and cruise control.

Honda's new Gold Wing is 90lbs lighter than older models, and it features a 1,800cc engine with a double-wishbone front suspension. CNET says it's narrower and more attractive, but has much less cargo space than before. Pricing for 2018 Honda Gold Wing starts at $23,500, and it will be available for purchase in February of 2018. Additional information on specs can be found on Honda's website.

Via MacRumors, Image Credit AppleInsider And Netzwelt

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