Oct 25, 2017

Concept Imagines iPhone X-Inspired Notch & Bezel-Less Design Coming To Feature Apple Products

The iPhone X goes up for pre-order this week with its all-new bezel and notch design, and now a fresh set of renders imagines if Apple brought that same design to its other products. Thanks to Curved.de, we don't imagine anymore, with the renders showcase what the iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad, and Apple Watch could all look like in the future.

From the concept, that you can see, currently camera-less Apple Watch in the renders adopts the notch. Of course, in its current state, the Apple Watch already looks almost bezel-less, but it would certainly be nice to see Apple take that design to the next level. The concept also shows a MacBook with an edge-to-edge display, which greatly reduces its overall footprint.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about it is that it places a notch on almost all of these products. We can imagine the notch on these devices just like iPhone X features front-facing camera and sensors for Face ID. And the reaction to the ‘notch’ has been mixed so far, some of them have called it Apple’s new way of branding its devices, while others say it’s a hindrance in app design and development.

With the notch, however, reports suggesting Apple would bring Face ID to the rest of its products, as well. KGI has already claimed that the feature is coming to the iPad Pro next year. If Apple to adopt “bezel-less” designs across the board, the notch would seemingly have to stay until the company was able to implement the front-facing camera behind the screen itself.

Via 9toMac And iOSHacker, Image Credit 9to5Mac

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