Jun 1, 2018

The Upcoming iPhone X Plus Will Spot A Triple-Lens Rear Camera System, Says The Report

According to The Korea Herald, who said that Apple and Samsung’s next flagship smartphones, iPhone X Plus and Galaxy S10, will both spot a three rear-facing cameras system on the backside.

The prediction is based on Kim Dong-won, an analyst at investment firm KB Securities, even though it talked very little about iPhone X Plus, considering it’s a Samsung-focused report.

One of Apple's next premium smartphones, reportedly named as the iPhone X Plus, is also anticipated to come fitted with three camera lenses on the rear.

Certainly, The Korean Herald is wrong about the timing, as the triple-lens smartphones are only just reaching the market, plus that Apple has the tradition that waits to perfect a technology, and not making into a failure product, so 2019 is more likely the timeframe.

Image Via iDropNews

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