Dec 4, 2018

Apple Shares The "Best Of 2018" On Apps And Games, As iOS 12 Hits 70% Adoption

Every December, Apple publishes top of apps and games in this year. and the App Store editorial team from five continents reviewed all the works launched in the past year, and found out their own practical, more complete, and beautifully designed works. After a long debates, a consensus was reached. Here's what they have come up with on the App Store's best of 2018:

According to Apple, popular games like This year, like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile dominated global gaming culture with exciting, last-player-standing action. The company also highlights newcomer apps like Fabulous, Shine, 10% Happier and Headspace expanded the practice of wellness around the world. Moreover, they also listed the best of 2018 on Apple Music, Books, Podcasts, and TV & Movies.

Apple has updated its App Store support page as well, confirms that iOS 12 is now installed on 70% of devices, while 21% of devices continue running iOS 11, and the rest of 9% are earlier iOS versions. Compared to the same period last year, where iOS 11 only has an adoption of 59%, which again shows that its successor is way popular thanks to the performance gains.

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