Dec 5, 2018

Apple's New Patent Reveals Future AirPods Could Fit All Human Ears And Includes At Least One Biometric Sensor

Apple was granted a patent recently, and the technologies it included is likely to be used in future AirPods designs. It mentions a new earbuds technology that can be interchanged with the left and right ears, and also integrates at least one biometric sensor for making biometric measurements.

Apple has long been pursuing a "gold standard" that fits the shape of all human ears, in order to fit the buds for as many users as possible, the company has tested countless prototypes. and finally goes for the current one, but if the traditional left and right earbuds can be improved into a universal design, not only can reduce the production cost, but also offer a better user experience.

At the same time, the use of, biometric sensors can be detected the health status of the user, since the AirPods can be used for both left and right ears. Biometric sensors need to be firmly pressed against the skin for better work. It is stated that foam will be used to extend the buds to the ear canal, which is clearly different from the traditional plastic molds currently used in EarPods and AirPods.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has recently predicted that Apple will unveil a new design to AirPods in 2020, whether today's patents are related to it is still unknown, plus Kuo released a new investor note yesterday, claiming that AirPods will include some sort of health management feature.

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