Dec 4, 2018

Kuo: AirPods = Communication + Music + Voice Assistant + Health Management

The latest report from TF International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believe that AirPods is not just a wireless headphone for Apple and predicts that it will become more and more important in the Apple ecosystem. The reliable Apple analyst explained a couple of reasons that why AirPods = Communication + Music + Voice Assistant + Health Management.

Firstly, he says that it increase the cost of users moving from iOS to Android ecosystem. Continue on, he states that it's easy to invoke voice assistant, which makes it an important product for voice assistant and AI. Furthermore, since the ear is a perfect area to measure several important health parameters, so it could be integrated with Apple Watch in the future to provide better health management.

Kuo, however, didn't specific why the AirPods is ideal for communication and music, it's obvious that the headset offers great music experience. And on the communication part, with "Hey Siri" coming to AirPods, you don't have to take out your phone, you can just ask the virtual assistant to make phone or sending text messages.

AirPods shipments are growing fast and is currently the most successful products for Apple in years, Kuo forecasts that many brands will follow in 2019. During his last investor report, Kuo pointed out that by 2021, Apple will ship 110 million units. He also predicts AirPods 2 will be released in Q3 of next year, with even bigger change in design in 2020.

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