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A recent article from TechCrunch reported that various apps in the iOS App Store secretly recording users’ screen without their permissions, includes popular apps like Abercrombie & Fitch,, Expedia, and more, it uses the “session replay" screen recording feature called Glassbox, that allows developers screenshot or record or a user's screen, and have the ability to play back those recordings.

However, Apple is now urging developers that are using session replay must extract the code as soon as possible. In an email provided to TechCrunch, Apple states that they will take action if necessary to remove these apps from the App Store. "We have notified the developers that are in violation of these strict privacy terms and guidelines, and will take immediate action if necessary", says the company.
"Protecting user privacy is paramount in the Apple ecosystem. Our App Store Review Guidelines require that apps request explicit user consent and provide a clear visual indication when recording, logging, or otherwise making a record of user activity."

"We have notified the developers that are in violation of these strict privacy terms and guidelines, and will take immediate action if necessary," the spokesperson added.
In addition, Apple is also demanding developers that record the screen need to have a little red icon on the top left the corner of the phone, similar to how Apple's native Screen Recording feature works - by showing a red bar on the top of the display that notifies you the screen is being recorded.

Image Via MacStories

Regularly, the way we go to a certain website is: browser → search engine → enter keywords → select the item you want to see, yeah, I know that took several steps. So what if we omit some processes, no more jumping back-and-forth between a page of search result links and the website, heck, the browser app, Cake, can do this flawlessly and is super easy to use.

When you first use the app, you will notice the illustration on the top, and that will make you just focus on the Search bar, and yes, there are five toolbar icons at the bottom of the Cake app, such as Return, Home, Search, etc, which I suppose you're familiar with. However, the real magic here is when you type something on the Search bar, it will then loads most irreverent results to save time while searching.

Now, you just swipe forward to view your results, and you don't have to click on every search result, only swipe from left until a satisfying content appears. It's a nice option to save time while searching websites, however, you will also able to refine your query to just videos, shopping, images, or news.

So we have tested the app, searching for “Loveios” with Cake Browser takes you to our homepage by swipe left, of course, these are Google’s results, rather than the ones specifically selected by the app, certainly, you can also choose Bing or DuckDuckGo as your default search engine. The one downside that I can think of right now is it uses more cellular data than traditional browsers since it loads more content.

Enough is said, the app is now available on the App Store or Google Play Store for free.

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Every December, Apple publishes top of apps and games in this year. and the App Store editorial team from five continents reviewed all the works launched in the past year, and found out their own practical, more complete, and beautifully designed works. After a long debates, a consensus was reached. Here's what they have come up with on the App Store's best of 2018:

According to Apple, popular games like This year, like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile dominated global gaming culture with exciting, last-player-standing action. The company also highlights newcomer apps like Fabulous, Shine, 10% Happier and Headspace expanded the practice of wellness around the world. Moreover, they also listed the best of 2018 on Apple Music, Books, Podcasts, and TV & Movies.

Apple has updated its App Store support page as well, confirms that iOS 12 is now installed on 70% of devices, while 21% of devices continue running iOS 11, and the rest of 9% are earlier iOS versions. Compared to the same period last year, where iOS 11 only has an adoption of 59%, which again shows that its successor is way popular thanks to the performance gains.

Apple has released several updates on its 4 operating systems and apps, including iOS 12.1.1, macOS 10.14.2, tvOS 12.1.1, watchOS 5.1.2 to developers, as well as its Clips app, GarageBand, iMovie, and iWork apps for both iOS and macOS. We have summarized these update details below:

For newly released iOS 12.1.1, macOS 10.14.2, tvOS 12.1.1, and watchOS 5.1.2 betas 2, just a couple of bug fixes other than iOS 12.1.1 reintroduced Live Photo for FaceTime app, meaning you can take Live Photo when you FaceTime other folks. As always, you can test these betas by downloading it via Apple's official Developer Center.

For the Clips app, it's not simply bug fixes, as it did add some goodies, which includes six new selfie scenes like Rainforest and a scene from Incredibles 2, but also new aged film, watercolor painting, and comic book camera filters, plus new stickers, text labels, and soundtracks. Clips is an Apple app that let create several videos clips and shares it to social medias.

Lastly, Apple updated its GarageBand for iOS app with support for keyboard commands when using a Smart Keyboard for 2018 iPad Pros. The updated Keynote and Numbers app for both macOS and iOS include bug fixes and stability improvements, whereas the new version of Pages allows you to publish books directly to Apple Books, and iMovie now supports iPad Pros' new display.

Top Apple News Today:

TeenSafe Leaks Thousands of Apple IDs Info: As reported by ZDNet, TeenSafe, an app that allow parents to monitor their teenagers' phone activity has suffered data breach, it leaked tens of thousands of login credentials, including the Apple IDs of children, and at least 10,200 records affected by it.

The data was hosted on Amazon servers as it remained unprotected and accessible without a password. But now, the servers have been temporarily pulled offline, and the company's representative stated that the company has begun to send out additional info to users, and will be provide further details in the future.

Apple Updates Clips App Ahead World Cup: Ahead of the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup that will kick off in Russia on June 14th, Apple has updated its Clips app with new soccer graphics that can be added to videos, it includes a new football tag and soccer-related background poster that contains customizable text elements as well.

Apple Shares New Animoji Karaoke Ad: Apple recently shared a brand new Animoji karaoke ad on its Korean YouTube channel, and promoted the iPhone X's Animoji feature with the new single “Citizen Kane”, sung by Hyukoh, an independent band that is very popular in Korea, yet comes ahead of the planned release on May 31.

Apple Loses Netflix Over Obama's Production Deal: The New York Times reported that former US President Barack Obama have signed a production deal with Netflix, which will see two productions of TV shows and movies. On the other hand, Apple has interested in the deal, but apparently, they have lose the chance.

Apple on Monday infomed developers that as of July, all app updates submitted to the iOS App Store must be built with the iOS 11 SDK and must support the Super Retina display on the iPhone X, if not, they will be rejected!

iOS 11 delivers innovative features and the redesigned App Store to hundreds of millions of customers around the world. Your apps can deliver more intelligent, unified and immersive experiences with Core ML, ARKit, new camera APIs, new SiriKit domains, Apple Music integration, drag and drop for iPad and more.

Starting July 2018, all iOS app updates submitted to App Store must be built with the iOS 11 SDK and must support the Super Retina display of iPhone X.

Ironically, Apple itself hasn't updated its own apps like iTunes Connect, iTunes Remote, Beats Pill+, etc, so it's expected that they will update these apps rather sooner than later. Many apps that have not been updated will be continued to have ugly black bars when used on the iPhone X and later devices.

The new guidelines clearly tell us that Super Retina support is likely to become more and more important, as rumors suggested there are two iPhone that will be equipped with OLED screen, which includes the second-generation of iPhone X and 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus.

Image Via TechSpot

Today we will introduce an app called Sleep Cycle, which is a popular alarm clock and sleep tracking app for iPhone, and now it will be getting even more popular with the newly released Apple Watch app, because you can now use the app to prevent from snoring, and silent wakes you up when snoring.

The technology behind the feature is Apple Watch’s Taptic Engine, Sleep Cycle can give your wrist a subtle (and silent) tap when the iPhone app detects that you’re snoring. It uses "sound analysis technology" to detect when someone is snoring, and shouldn't not cause you to wake up, but rather recommend you to change sleep position.

Available from today, Sleep Cycle’s Apple Watch app release features a snore stopper, a welcomed added feature. In addition to the snore tracker, already available in the existing Sleep Cycle alarm clock app using patented sound analysis technology. Snoring is more likely to occur in certain positions. For example, sleeping on your back can cause your tongue and soft palate to collapse to the back of your mouth.

In addition, the app also featured a silent alarm clock that relies on the Taptic Engine to quietly and gently wake you up. Sleep Cycle not only capable of continuously track your heart rate average to providing data that you can revisit when you wake up, but also display information on sleep length and quality.

While you can free download the app from App Store, and includes some basic features, but all the feature can be accessed by a subscription of $29.99 per year. There are also plenty of sleep tracking apps out there for you, like the Sleep++PillowAutoSleep, and more!

Few decades ago, let's just say you have watched an tv show called Star Trek, where these characters can recording audio in their wearable devices, and now with few watchOS apps, it will make you feel like you’re living in the sci-fi future telly promised us all. Today, we'll introduce an app that sure makes your life easier.

The app's called Just Press Record, which is kinda like a Voice Memos app on Apple Watch, however, when you dig a little deeper, especially once you start exploring the app on your iPhone, the app can do much more than Apple's Voice Memos app. Here's why!

Image Credit iDownloadBlog

Well, first of all, when you tapping on the screen of your Apple Watch, it'll handily jumps right to recording, enabling you to start capturing audio within a second or two. Secondly, the app also has the ability to transcribe your recordings, where you couldn't do with the Voice Memos app on your iOS devices. Last but least, with watchOS 4, the app will record in the background, and you can temporarily pause with a downward swipe.

Furthermore, the recordings sync via iCloud, in other word, when you open the Just Press Record app on your iPhone, your recordings should already be there. Moreover, recordings are stored in the Watch tab, and can also be accessed by date, or by searching on for the words within them. If you are not happy with recording quality, you can use external mics and ramp up the recording quality from 44.1kHz AAC to 96kHz/24-bit audio.

It makes handy to record important conversations or lectures in school or college, and now with transcribe feature, for instance, if you conducted an amazing interview with someone about hedgehogs a month back, which is far simpler to search for the word than you trying to remember when the recording was made. Download the app here for $5

Google has announced today that its official Google Search App for iOS has added the new search extension for iMessage allowing users to search and share Google results within the Messages app on iPhone and iPad by tapping on the new Google search app in conversation interface.

Image Credit MacRumors
The new messages extension not only allows you to search web results but also to access the weather, restaurants located nearby, attractions in the area like parks and museums with quick buttons. Furthermore, the app will have a GIF button for quickly searching for GIFs to share.

Google's new iMessage extension is available today, you do not need to update the app or install anything to get the new feature. In addition, they has also added support for drag and drop on the iPad to the app.

The Google app for iOS now supports an iMessage extension to help you search and share GIFs, restaurants and videos, whenever you're messaging a friend. You can tap on the icon for "Food" or "Nearby" to share your favorite locations, or perform a search and share a card directly into the conversation. Want to research a new restaurant before sharing it with friends? Just tap on the restaurant card, and we'll take you to the Google Search page, where you can look up the busiest times, as well as menus and reviews. Switch to GIF Search mode, and you can find and share a "happy birthday" GIF.

Another app-related news comes from MoviePass, an app that allows you to watch a movie in theaters each day for the low price of $10 per month, and now the company's CEO is unsurprisingly revealed that it plans to use your location data to make money, as reported by TechCrunch. Here is their privacy policy:

MoviePass(R) requires access to your location when selecting a theater. This is a single request for your location coordinates (longitude, latitude, and radius) and will only be used as a means to develop, improve and personalize the service. MoviePass(R) takes information security very seriously and uses reasonable administrative, technical, physical and managerial measures to protect your location details from unauthorized access. Location coordinate data is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology into password-protected databases.
Image Credit MoviePass
With the Settings app on your iOS devices, you can change your location setting to "Never," "While Using the App," and "Always." You should leave it on "While Using the App," because the location information is required when making tickets purchase. The MoviePass now has over 1.5 million subscribers, download the app here for free.

Every iPhone user knew that there are unlimited features and facilities come with iPhones, and now with an awesome app called OLEDX, you can use it to add a Samsung liked always on-clock feature on your iOS devices that support iOS 11.

The app takes full advantages of iPhone X's OLED screen because the black interface which made the flagship smartphones looks like a full-screen design. Another neat feature is the preservation of battery power, and thus show the date, time, battery info, and much more on the screen of the iPhone X.

Of course, this is just an app that when you turn off the phone, and later wakes the phone up, it will still show native lock screen. What if you want to leave the app up running, and you are concerned that someone may grab it and be using it, you can certainly enable the Guided Access feature, which should allow you to lock an app to prevent other users from accessing it.

To enabling the functionality, go to the Settings - General - Accessibility - Guided Access, and enable it. Once you have turned it on, you will required adding either Face ID/Touch ID/Passcode for the sake of security. Open up OLEDX and triple click on the Side or Home button to achieve the feature.

Perfect for iPhone users who just switched from Samsung phones, although it compatible to run on every iOS 11 supported devices, it sure take most out of iPhone X's Super Retina OLED screen, the app currently for free on the App Store, to unlock all of features in this app, $2 will be needed as it has in-app purchase.

According to a new report by Bloomberg News, Apple is said to allow developers to create universal apps that work across iPhone, iPad, and Mac as early as next year. Mark Gurman says that the upcoming developer tools should aid programmers in expanding their existing iPhone and iPad apps to the Mac platform.

Apple tentatively plans to begin rolling out the change with iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 next year, and it could announce the news as soon as WWDC 2018 in June. The project, which internally codenamed “Marzipan”, so that we should learn more about the exciting new initiative at WWDC 2018 although the exact timeline is subject to change.

Starting as early as next year, software developers will be able to design a single application that works with a touchscreen or mouse and trackpad depending on whether it's running on the iPhone and iPad operating system or on Mac hardware, according to people familiar with the matter.

With the universal binaries, developers will be able to combine code and user interface assets for both their iPhone apps and iPad-optimized apps into a single download. The new tools will also extend the universal binary concept to macOS apps, too. It makes iPhone, iPad, and Mac to get new features and updates at the same time.

Currently, developers leverage Apple’s UIKit framework on iOS and AppKit on macOS to design user interfaces, but they’re required to design separate apps for iOS and macOS. It's not clear if Apple will go one step further and eventually merge the less-popular Mac App Store with the App Store for iOS devices.

Via MacRumors And iDownloadBlog, Image Credit Apple Support

Calculating is certainly not a convenient task on Apple Watch. But that doesn't mean, you can let go off calculating on the Watch that's considered to be an iconic wearable device. Since the Watch remains on your wrist, you would definitely like to get on with your maths even on the move. And here an app that needless to take the iPhone out of your pocket,

The Calculator Free is a combining the standard and scientific calculator app, it's designed to make your calculation fast. All of the calculations will be automatically saved to let you access them later. You can easily copy and forward the calculations.

The app not only provides an option to hide the calculations for more privacy, it also built-in a currency converter. With more than 50 attractive themes available, you will be able to tweak its look as well. The best of all is that the calculator app available for free! Click here to download the app.

Although calculating on the tiny screen of the Watch is not as comfortable as it's on iPhone. However, these calculator apps help you circumvent that inconvenience to a great extent. Which one of these calculator apps has got a place on your Apple Watch? Do let us know that in the comments section.

Via iGeekBlog, Image Credit Noodlewerk Apps

According to Kromtech Security Center as they discovered that MongoDB's database for collecting ai.type Keyboard user data was misconfigured, and was available on the internet. Contained in the database is reportedly "data and details of 31,293,959 users" of the ai.type keyboard.

The database included the personal details of 31,293,959 users who installed ai.type virtual keyboard.  Highly sensitive and identifiable information such as: Phone number, full name of the owner, device name and model, mobile network name, SMS number, links and the information associated with the social media profiles, photos, and much more!

To making the situation even worse, it appears 6.4 million records contained a gleaned from a user's Contacts, including names and phone numbers, leading to a total of 373 million records in the publicly available database. Other information in the database includes average messages per day, words per message, and ages of users.

Theoretically, it is logical that anyone who has downloaded and installed the Ai.Type virtual keyboard on their phone has had all of their phone data exposed publicly online. This presents a real danger for cyber criminals who could commit fraud or scams using such detailed information about the user. It raises the question once again if it is really worth it for consumers to submit their data in exchange for free or discounted products or services that gain full access to their devices.

When user installed ai.type, the app will then asks for "Full Access." If permission is granted, the add-on keyboard can transmit absolutely anything typed through the keyboard to the developer. However, the company claims that it will never use personal information it collects, although they tells a different story about the data contained in the database - but doesn't deny that a database was available publicly for a period of time.

Founder Eitan Fitusi told BBC that the stolen information was a "secondary database." Additionally, he claims that the IMEI information was never collected by the company, user data collected only involves what ads are clicked by the user, and that the location data wasn't accurate. The Chief Executive claims that the database been secured since the breach.

Via AppleInsider, Image Credit 9to5Google

Pixelmator Team launches its newest Mac app - Pixelmator Pro, Pixelmator's advanced version, is also designed for Mac. This software features a true single-window design with GPU-powered nondestructive image editing effects, color adjustments, and much more.

Pixelmator Pro includes a new workflow, which makes more intuitive and simple to edit photos. It also features a single-window interface and intelligent image editing based on machine learning. By using the Core ML framework, Pixelmator Pro integrates seamlessly with macOS High Sierra.

The software is based on Swift 4 and integrates with Metal 2, Core Image and OpenGL. The new graphics engine can accelerate the graphics-intensive tasks. Pixelmator Pro also features Dynamic 2 graphics-based hybrid technology. Metal 2, for example, is used to render drawing tools and double-texture brushes.

Replaced Pixelmator's Floating Tools panel with an improved single-window interface, Pixelmator Pro wants to focus on the image at hand, not in its toolset. The Pixelmator team also simplified the GUI to match the look and feel of macOS so that they could present a perfect product that closely resembles Apple's product in style and functionality.

The main features of Pixelmator Pro include non-destructive image editing, as well as new tools so it can change the position of the layers. The New color adjustment tools and RAW support allow users to quickly adjust the photo. Get the Pixelmator Pro from the Mac App Store for $60, learn more about it at the Pixelmator Pro website.

Via 9to5Mac, Image Credit Pixelmator Pro Website

At WWDC 2017, Apple announced ARKit, the new Augmented Reality framework for iOS 11, and right now there are various of AR demo featured apps built into the App Store based on ARKit. In July of this year, ARKit platform adds support for AR map navigation, soon enough there were developers demonstrating ARKit-based map navigation.

Blippar has launched ARCity, an app allows users to access information and content as they travel and navigate over 300 cities worldwide. According to the developer AR City uses the VIO (Visual Inertial Odometry) function in ARkit to calculate the travel distance by moving the camera through the screen, enabling localise more accuracy than GPS.

The app helps you navigate and explore 300 cities worldwide using augmented reality and computer vision at scale. In selected locations we enhance the AR experience with urban visual positioning, our industry-wide breakthrough in location-based AR, which localises users with higher accuracy than GPS, thanks to computer vision. Follow the 3D directions to never get lost again. As you travel you’ll see the names of the streets and buildings appear in front of you -- and soon you’ll be able to tap the hotspots to learn more.

ARCity and ARKit make it even more in-depth, it can be real-time display on the screen what is the name of the street, how far is the distance from what I stand, and so on, the info can be shows on the screen, so whether you are a direction idiot or not, you will know where to go and how to get direction. More advanced than traditional navigation.

Importantly, ARCity can display rich map information through ARKit, the interface for users to identify the name of the surrounding buildings and shops, knowledge, reviews, pricing and more. For example, a user can use the camera to align the hotel across street, screen will display the name of the hotel, booking phone number and rating information.

Via Blippar And Campaign Asia, Image Credit Blippar

Apple's first OLED iPhone - iPhone X has been officially released on November 3, there are already numbers of user got the new iPhone. What if you do not like the "Notch" at the top of your iPhone X screen, then there's good news for fans that do not like the flagship handset's Notch.

Apple has just approved an app called Notch Remover, though the company doesn't seem to encourage developers to hide iPhone X's "Notch." Essentially, all the app does is add a black bar across the top of selected images that the user can then manually assign as a wallpaper in iOS Settings.

The one-trick nature of the app is unlikely to be overlooked by Apple and was mistakenly approved, suggesting that the company will not interpret its capabilities as a violation of the iPhone X developer guidelines. They have told developers don't attempt to hide Notch by placing black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.

Don't mask or call special attention to key display features. Don't attempt to hide the device's rounded corners, sensor housing, or indicator for accessing the Home screen by placing black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.

The Notch accommodates Apple's TrueDepth camera and Face ID technology, but it eats the viewing area of the OLED display. Its presence disrupted Apple fans, but many iPhone X sites said they did not really notice it after days or even hours of using the device, and that was not the question after all.

Still, if you are not fond of the Notch, then Notch Remover will be a passable choice for users. It's an easy app to start with, after downloading the app, tap Select Image, choose one of your wallpaper from the handset, lastly tap on Save in order to store the converted wallpaper image in your Photos library.

Via MacRumors And iDownloadBlog, Image Credit MR And iDB

Grammarly has launched Grammarly Keyboard app for iDevices, now available on the iOS App Store. Once added as a new keyboard in Settings, the app will use Grammarly's grammar-checking software to proofread text you send in essentially any app that uses a keyboard.

The Grammarly Keyboard app will able to catch context-specific mistakes related to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Grammarly Premium users can choose from various of style improvements as well as gain more advanced word choice options.

Above each correction is a short and clear explanation as to why Grammarly chose to fix the error, that the company says will help you "understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future." As an editor, I have been used Grammarly, which I thought it can be a really useful coach when writing professionally.

The keyboard integrates seamlessly with all your mobile apps and your mobile browser, so you’ll always look polished and professional, even on your phone.

Developed by some of the world’s leading authorities on linguistic technology, Grammarly’s algorithms not only catch context-specific grammar and spelling mistakes, but also the kind of confusing sentences that leave your colleagues (or worse, your boss) wondering what you’re talking about. For Grammarly Premium users, the keyboard will also improve word choice and suggest style improvements so the need for “Sent from my iPhone” can become a relic of the past.

After downloading Grammarly Keyboard for free, you'll need to allow the app to have full access to your keyboard in the Settings app, then, just tap the globe icon to cycle through your keyboards until you see Grammarly.

Via MacRumors, Image Credit 9to5Mac

Plotgraph+ is an app that allows a user to create a Plotagraph by selecting or taking a photo, creating an animation track to indicate the direction of movement, and masking areas of the image they don't want to animate. It's then possible to adjust the animation speed and save the final result to the Camera Roll or share it as a video, GIF, or animated PNG using custom presets.

Plotagraph+ is a one of a kind image animation app that brings photos to life. Tell your story in a fun and unique way with animated images that can now be shared on most of your favorite social media platforms as a looping video or Animated PNG. This new and innovative app gives you the tools to easily animate any image in minutes.

Right now, Apple is offering users of its official Apple Store app free redeem codes to download Plotagraph+ Photo Animator from the App Store. Usually $4.99, as I mentioned before that the iOS app allows users to animate any still photo into a seamlessly looping video or animated PNG. Here is how to download the app for free!
  1. Download the free Apple Store app [Direct Link]. 
  2. Then simply open the app.
  3. Find Plotagraph+ offer further down in the Discover section on the main store screen. 
  4. Click "Download now for free."
  5. Click "Redeem" button.

And that's it! The app provides a wide range of editing tools which you can use to shape the visual appearance of your images. Some of these include the animation tool, instant playback, selection tool, eraser, mask, crop presets, anchor points, pinch to zoom, real-time animation speed control and much more.

Via MacRumors And WccTech, Image Credit Ash Blagdon 360 Photography And Trangcongnghe

Perhaps you remember a well regarded app called password manager that Intel bought in 2014, and later Intel introduced True Key, a rebranded update of PasswordBox. Among all the other password managers, True Key offers some of the best multi factor authentication available, including facial and fingerprint recognition.

True Key is currently available for Windows, Mac, Android and iDevices, while True Key for iOS (Free) is very easy to use and its graphical user interface is clean and intuitive. It works great whether you are browsing or on app, any app or website that requires login will support True Key Instant Login.

Inside the app there's predefined set of 30 popular web applications templates, whilst you can always add a new login combination from the extensive search for list, or set up a new one. Other feature includes generating complex passwords, creates secure notes, and adding personal data inside the application’s wallet.

When first time to use the app, user will need setup True Key account that has a master password which is one of methods to log into the application. Intel also uses Basic authentication to encourages users to increase security by switching to Advanced authentication, for which customers can choose one of the following combos: face biometrics & master password, master password & Touch ID, and Face & Touch ID.

In addition to the standard Face option, True Key can also record what they call Enhanced Face. This requires a turn of your head left and right so more unique physical spots can be detected, automatically enhancing the security of the authentication process. The app also offers desktop version, It can be run on Windows and macOS.

When it comes to choosing a password manager, True Key has couple of things to take into consideration: ease of use, expected functionality, authentication methods, and the overall look and feel of the app, the password manager app excels at all of these things.

Via Help Net Security And Tom's Guide, Images Via YouTube

Apple announced many of the new features in iOS 11 at WWDC 2017, but there is one that they is one feature the company didn't tell us, that is, the Screen Recording. The functionality allows iPhone and iPad users able to show others what is on their smartphone or tablet's screen. And today TeamViewer just announced that it will be the first to have a screen-sharing solution available on iOS.

"Remote tech support to iPhones and iPads is now easier, and more effective than ever before. Feedback from TeamViewer users clearly communicated to us that the ability to view remote iPhone and iPad screens in real-time is vital to providing exceptional remote support."

The app company boasts that it will be the first to bring such a neat functionality to iOS, which will become live as soon as iOS 11 goes available. We expect this to happen in mid-September, recent rumors suggest that most likely right after Apple's upcoming keynote that will likely take place on September 12. Still, the feature is currently available as a demo for all Apple devices that are running on the iOS 11 beta (Click Here to download the app).

TeamViewer claimed that "iOS screen sharing works very similarly to other smartphone remote connections with TeamViewer. With the TeamViewer QuickSupport app for iOS installed on the remote device, simply press the screen sharing button and follow the instructions." It's worth to note they also says the screen sharing feature will be available for free to test until October 31.

Via PhoneArena And BetaNews
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