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Fast Company has reported that future versions of the Apple Watch will be adopting the solid-state side buttons layout, which is similar to the design that used on the iPhone 7 Home button. With Apple Watch's solid-state side buttons, combined with the Taptic Engine, it would provide precise haptic feedback when pressed.

Apple will stick with the Watch's current button configuration, with a button and a digital crown situated on one side of the device, but neither will physically click as before. Rather than reacting to the user's touch by physically moving back and forth, the new buttons will vibrate slightly under the fingertip, using the haptic effect Apple calls the Taptic Engine. (The digital crown will still physically rotate to navigate through content.)

The solid-state design could also enhance the waterproof performance of the Apple Watch and take up less space, whereas Apple could use it to improve the Watch's battery capacity or add other components. Besides, the company would also use these buttons as sensors to collect health-related information.

Fast Company believes that Apple Watch with solid-state side button support will be released as soon as this year, or it will be launched in 2019 at the latest. Following 2019, Apple may launch an Apple Watch without any buttons, and rather supports touch and swipe gestures.


Image Via Softpedia News

First spotted by Bloomberg, Verizon, the biggest carrier in the U.S., has gained tons subscribers from smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE models. However, they have lost phone and tablet subscribers as a trade-off.

Specifically, the report states Verizon added 359,000 subscribers last quarter who are using watches, wearables and other devices, while that helped make up for the loss of 24,000 phone customers and 75,000 tablet customers in the period. It should be noted here that Watch customers typically pay $10 per month, compared to phone users' $40/month of the cellular plan.

Verizon Communications Inc.’s wireless subscriber rolls surged last quarter, but it was thanks to smartwatches and other wearables -- not the phones and tablets that were once its mainstay.

Monthly subscribers climbed by 260,000 in the first quarter, the carrier said on Tuesday, marking its fourth straight period of growth. That topped the 159,000 average of analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg.

In the meantime, Apple is launching the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE in Denmark, Sweden, India, and Taiwan on May 11, with pre-orders starting on May 4, The LTE smartwatch allows customers to use the Apple Watch without iPhone for the first time, it can be steaming Apple Music, phone call, and more independently.

The Music app on your Apple Watch has given you full access to your entire iPhone music library and letting you browse by song, artist, album etc. It also allows you to control the stock music app from your iPhone with your wrist, but did you know that, you can also control third-party music app through Apple Watch when it is playing on your iPhone.
  1. Open a third-party music app like Spotify on your iPhone
  2. Once the music is playing, tap on the side button on your Apple Watch
  3. You should find "Now Playing" option on the dock
  4. From there, you can control the music that's playing on Spotify
  5. And that's it.

It looks exactly the same as the Music app, meaning you can either pause, play, skip forward and back nor control the volume right from the Apple Watch. The next time, you will just need to open the third-party app on your iPhone and tap on a song, then leave the rest of the work to the Apple Watch.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave words in the comment section down below, I would love to help you out!

Guilherme Rambo, a developer who likes to dig information about Apple's new firmware, is now currently working for the 9to5Mac site has discovered in watchOS 4.3.1 beta 1 that Apple may be considering opening up Apple Watch faces to third-party developers.

Rambo found that a component in the NanoTimeKit framework (responsible for the Apple Watch face) implements a developer tools server designed to communicate with Xcode software on the Mac. In which the string says: "This is where the 3rd party face config bundle generation would happen".

Once Apple decided to add the feature to Apple Watches, sure it will have stringent guidelines that will not influences any of copyright/trademark issues. Of course, this may also be an immature idea made by itself, and it is still unknown whether it will remain in the future.

However, to think in a positive way, the Cupertino tech-giant may also plan to bring more fun and to the Apple Watch models. They could ship the long-awaited feature to developers as soon as watchOS 5 announced.

Image Via iPhoneMod

Back to last month, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed that the next-generation of Apple Watch will be using the new and "‘more trendy form factor design" with 15% bigger screen, alongside enhanced health monitoring and longer battery life.

Yes, with 15% bigger screen, what if you don't have a clear idea of how big of the screen will be on the Series 4? Take a look at the contrasting motion picture that was made by Phonearena, sure you will notice the huge differences.

If the screen size is increased by 15%, it would bring more display space to Apple Watch. And if the frame technology is advanced enough, the frame around the screen could change from the original right angles to rounded corners. This design is quite similar to iPhone X, it will be super comfortable to see.

With the new design and the lowering price of older models, KGI believes that Apple will sell about 22-24 million Apple Watch units in 2018, that's up from 30% year-over-year. It's expected that the fourth-generation of Apple Watch to be released in the fall of this year.

As first reported by 9to5Mac, Apple will begin to phase out outdated watchOS apps. Specifically, in the latest watchOS 4.3.1 beta, a new message will be notifying users when they opened watchOS 1 watchkit apps.

The warnings reads that "The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility," suggesting that Apple will be dropping support for those apps in watchOS 5. However, when you tap OK on the beta, it still allows the app to open and run normally, which means watchOS 4.3.1 is fully compatible with older apps.

Back In November, Apple has informed developers that it will stop accepting watchOS 1 app submissions in 2018. And starting on April 1, app maker are required to use the watchOS 2 software development kit or later to build updates to existing apps, in the meantime, new apps must be coded with watchOS 4 SDK or later.

The benefit to dropping support for watchOS 1 apps should prevent from outdated apps fail to launch entirely when you go out without an iPhone, in which it tells users that they need to connect to their devices to continue because prior to series 3, all Watch models requires connecting with an iPhone.

Image Credit AppleInsider

When you received a call at an inopportune time — or forgot to silence our iPhone in a crowded space. Other than letting it continue to ring and jingle your wrist, you can use the handy palm trick to instantly silence and dismiss the call, the tip will definitely make these situations slightly less embarrassing. Here is how to do it!
  1. When you received a call from your Apple Watch...
  2. Then cover the screen by placing your Palm over the Watch Face
  3. And the call will instantly be silenced on your Apple Watch and iPhone.

It's worth to note here that by doing this — it doesn't decline the phone call or send the caller to voicemail, it just mute the call so that the Apple Watch stops buzzing and alerting to it, like when you silence an incoming call on the iPhone by tapping on the power buttons.

This palm trick not only works for just silencing the call, but it can be also used to always turn off the watch display and reset the watch back to the face no matter which app or workout that you are in. Let us in the comment so we know how is this work for you.

According to MacRumors, popular music stream service Spotify will finally coming to Apple Watches at WWDC 2018 this year, based on personal involvement with the project, said an anonymous and unverified tipster from the site.

The upcoming Spotify's watchOS app will uses Apple's internal named StreamKit framework that will enable cellular Apple Watch models to receive push notifications from third-party apps such as, Microsoft Outlook, Facebook, and Twitter, greatly reduce reliance from your paired iPhone, on watchOS 5.

Image Credit Wareable

More from Apple Watch is that Apple begin to accept the Watch trade-in at an Apple Store in the US, however, it would not be accepting any Edition models. Also, you can trade your Apple Watch at the official website, Apple’s in-store trade-in values are the same as those found online.

Furthermore, trading in your Watch with Apple doesn't means you can't keep your charging cable and bands, as Apple quote values range from $50-$175 depending on which model do you have. Could you trade-in you models in exchange for newer models?

In its latest watchOS version for Apple Watch, Apple has added new APIs which now allows to tracking snow sports like skiing and snowboarding. So apps that including snoww,Slopes, Squaw Alpine, Snocru, and Ski Tracks are able to take advantage of the features when the developers updated their apps with the new APIs.

Image Credit SnowBrains
Starting today, skiers and snowboarders can use Apple Watch Series 3 to track their activities via new updates to apps available in the App Store. Watch users can now record runs, see vertical descent and other stats, and contribute active calorie measurements directly to the Apple Watch Activity app.

It's worth to noted here that, however, Apple doesn't expose these snow sports data in its official Activity or Workout apps. The Workout app includes a generic ‘Snow Sports’ label in the Other workouts category, but it doesn’t do anything special other than naming the workout.

Once an app is launched with the new APIs, users should be able to determine the calories burned, number of runs, as well as the average and maximum speeds by using the help of a combination of the altimeter elevation readings, accelerometer and GPS integrated into the latest Apple Watch model.

Moreover, Slopes and snoww also support SiriKit, which means you can start snowboarding and ski workouts with a simple voice command. Currently, the ski and snowboard tracking is limited to Apple Watch Series 3 models, due to is the only ones with a built-in altimeter to track elevation.

Apple has granted a new patent application for an Apple Watch charging carrying case that works like the AirPods case, which could providing somewhere to store the Watch when it's not in use, while simultaneously recharging it, somewhat like a power bank for your Apple Watch.

Image Credit Geeky Gadgets
The patent is being titled as the "Case for wearable electronic device," describes that the product which could "securely hold and store a portable electronic device, such as a wrist-worn or other wearable electronic device, along with one or more bands that can be used with the device." The ability to charge bands is described as one potential embodiment.

In additon, the case can be also used to storing a few extra bands, it could even charge a "smart band," which would include some form of circuitry and have abilities to supplement the Apple Watch with additional sensors or extra battery, like the medical sensor so that it won't required to submit the entire watch model.

Some embodiments of the disclosure pertain to a case that can securely hold and store a portable electronic device, such as a wrist-worn or other wearable electronic device, along with one or more bands that can be used with the device. Embodiments of the case can include circuitry that can charge the stored electronic device and some embodiments can further include circuitry that can charge the one or more bands stored in the case if those bands have electronic components, such as circuitry, sensors and/or batteries, that also require power.

A carrying charging case could be more convenient than a puck when travelling, allowing an overnight charge without yet another thing to plug in overnight. There are also numbers of third-party accessories for Apple Watch charging case, like the Unity Pocket as shown in the picture above.

Via Patently Apple
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