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GE has released the first air conditioner that can be controlled with HomeKit in the United States, which they named as GE Energy Star 115 Volt Electronic Room Air Conditioner, and it's also the first HomeKit-compatible GE product that's launched so far.

GE explains that the window Air Conditioner delivers 8000 BTU and is intended for medium-sized rooms up to 350 square feet. It comes equipped with a WiFi Connect feature, designed to allow the unit to be controlled with Apple's HomeKit, Google Home, as well as Amazon Alexa and IFTTT compatibility.

As of now, the GE AHP08LX is exclusively available from Lowe’s for $319. Wiredly, even though Lowe's is charging $319, the GE site clearly says that the MSRP for the device is $269, which suggest it may be prudent to wait for a sale.

Would you like to purchase the Air Conditioner that supports Apple's HomeKit app, sure it will be super handy to use your smartphone instead of a remote control. 

It is no coincidence that CES, the world's largest technology show, it is so close to the New Year. Everyone bought a lot of consumer electronics over the past year, and it's time for the industry to launch the next generation of devices. For many companies, CES really sets the tone for the year-round product cycle.

Last year, smart home accessories dominated at CES, this trend didn't saw signs of slowing down. At CES this year, we saw smart home once again become the protagonist. However, manufacturers are not pleased to mention the concept of "smart home", but with 'AI' and 'Internet Everything' to show people the future Home life scenes.

Although Apple has never been a direct participant in CES, but its smart home solution is a great way to keep Siri and iOS relevant at the show. Homekit-compatible devices also a hit at CES this year, and Apple partners brought in a host of HomeKit products that are more functional and rich-design than in previous years.

Abode Systems unveiled the new iota All-in-One security camera and security gateway at CES 2018. The iota features a 1080p camera that said can be used for home monitoring purposes, along with a built-in gateway that supports Z-Wave, ZigBee, and abode RF for connecting to hundreds of other devices. Live video streaming is available through iOS Home app.

Home security brand Brinks recently launched HomeKit-Compatible ARRAY Smart Lights and Lock. The ARRAY Smart Light fixtures, built-in cameras with custom lenses as well improved camera firmware to offer up reduced shadows and distortion. ARRAY Chek lock, a smartphone-connected lock that uses electronic sensing to make sure your deadbolt is secured.

Kohler this week introduced a collection of new smart kitchen and bath products based on its new Kohler Konnect platform. Kohler's Sensate faucet will allow you to turn the water on and off or dispense water to a measured volume. While the DTV+ showering system enables homeowners to create and automate personalized showering experiences. Both of these products will support by the HomeKit and Siri.

This week at CES, iDevices also released a Wi-Fi enabled light switch that designed to integrate the convenience of voice assistants like Siri right into the walls of any room. The iDevices Instant replaces a standard light switch with the functionality of a smart switch, voice assistant, ambient light sensor, and motion detector.

What do you think of HomeKit products this year, let us know in the comment section.

Via MacRumors, Feng And 9to5Mac, Image Credit CNET, MR, And 9to5Mac
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