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In the past week, Apple has sent push notifications to a number of users, giving them an extra 3 months Apple Music free trial. The notifications seem to be specifically for former Apple Music users who have subscribed to Apple Music but later canceled their subscription, or just left after it had a first three-month free trial without ever subscribe the music streaming service. (Via 9to5Mac)

Currently, there are two versions of Apple Music's push notifications. The first one is "We've changed!", the second is "It's Not Too Late", but the description is exactly the same: "come back to Apple Music and get 3 months on us."

In December last year, Apple began to promote various products and services by pushing notifications, such as recommending users to use Apple Music on Amazon Echo and promoting iPhone XR. Some developers pointed out that Apple pushes messages in violation of their own App Store guidelines: "Push Notifications must not be required for the app to function, and should not be used for advertising, promotions, or direct marketing purposes..."

Speaking to Apple Music, its biggest rival in the music industry, Spotify, who have claimed that it now has 96 million paid subscribers worldwide, up 36% year-over-year, Apple Music, however, only has 50 million paying subscribers, up from 40 million in April of 2018.

Image Via Twitter User Corey

If your Apple Music subscription is not the Family plan, you won't be able to play different music on your HomePod and iPhone. Previously, individual Apple Music account could able to play different music on HomePod and iPhone, however, Apple says it was a bug in the first place that has been fixed until recently.

Otherwise, if you want to continue playing different music on your HomePod and iPhone, you need to upgrade your Apple Music subscription to the family membership. "An Individual Apple Music membership allows you to stream on a single device at a time; a Family membership allows you or your Family members to stream on up to six devices at a time", according to Apple Music's policy.

Speaking to HomePod, the Siri-enabled smart speaker is finally coming to China and Hong Kong on January 18th, which will be available in white and space gray, and is priced at 2,799 Yuan. Though, Amazon's Echo speakers aren't available for purchase in China, HomePod will still face competitions from various AI speakers from Chinese brands like Xiaomi and LingLong.

“We’re excited to bring HomePod to our customers in mainland China and Hong Kong markets. We can’t wait for them to experience how great it sounds in their home, we think they are going to love it," says Phil Schiller, Apple's marketing chief.

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Apple's Apple Music service now can be enabled on Amazon Echo smart speakers today (US), a few days ahead of schedule. Apple and Amazon announced the partnership in November, which the latter recognizes Apple Music as "one of the most popular music services available today." (Via 9to5Mac)

Apple Music skill can now be activated in the Alexa app on the iPhone to play songs, playlists, and Beats 1 radio on Amazon Echo speakers. For example, you can say, "Alexa, play the song of Ed Sheeran on Apple Music." Of course, you can also set Apple Music as the default music streaming service with the Alexa app so you can omit the "Apple Music" phrase you want to listen to music.

Alexa also supports features that aren’t available on Apple's HomePod, such as the ability to set alarms to music as well as music automation via a feature called Routines. In addition, Echo speakers also support many other music streaming services as well, like Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, Deezer, and so on.

Apple today announced that its Apple Music Connect service for music artists and fans now begin to shut down starting today, and its fate is exactly the same as the iTunes Ping service that withdrew from the historical stage in 2012. Meanwhile, Apple today informed developers that they can now view data analytics for their macOS apps in App Store Connect.

In an email sent to artists, Apple stated that they will no longer be able to post in the Connect section from today, and this feature has been removed from the Apple Music Artist page and the "For You" section. Apple said that the Connect content uploaded by the artist could still be searched until May 4, 2019. Connect used to have a separate tab in 2015, but was later degraded to the "For You" section.
Today we're streamlining music discovery by removing Connect posts from Artist Pages and For You. This means you'll no longer be able to post to Connect as of December 13, 2018, but all previously uploaded content will still be searchable until May 24, 2019. You can still create Artist Playlists with the latest version of Apple Music.
As for macOS app analytics, which now lives in App Store Connect, give you the ability to view how many times your app was seen on the Mac App Store, how many times your product page was viewed, and how many new customers downloaded your app.

In a blog post today, Amazon announced that Apple Music will launch on Echo devices as soon as the week of December 17, ahead of the holiday season, and it comes after Apple and Amazon reached the agreement of starting to sell almost all Apple Products again on their website, except for HomePod.

Once it's launched, users will need to enable the Apple Music skill within the Alexa app, and then link their Apple Music account to start listening songs. Apple Music Subscribers can ask Alexa to play their favorite songs, artist, playlists, or even radio stations, and playing over 50 million songs. Echo speakers also supports other music streaming services as well, such as Spotify, Pandora.
“We are committed to offering great music providers to our customers and since launching the Music Skill API to developers just last month, we’ve expanded the music selection on Alexa to include even more top tier services. We’re thrilled to bring Apple Music – one of the most popular music services in the US – to Echo customers this holiday.”
Well, this certainly is a bad news for HomePod, however, since it's specifically designed for Apple Music, but is also an indication that cares Services revenue to the company. Perhaps, the poor sales of the smart speaker may leds Apple to decide bring Apple Music to echo devices.

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Apple has acquired Asaii, a San Francisco-based music analytics startup, reports both Music Ally and Axios, as it said that the price of Apple's acquisition is close to $100 million. The acquisition would allow Apple to better recommend its music content to users.

Asaii creates a range of tools that make it easy for record companies to use machine learning to track, discover and manage artists. Asaii's platform draws data from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as streaming music services such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and SoundCloud, to find hidden talent.

To be exact, Asaii offers two products: the “A&R” (artist and repertoire, responsible for discovering and training singers and entertainers), which is a music management dashboard for find and manage of talent; and APIs for music services, that integrate recommendation engines into their platforms, with that, it will be easier to discover awesome artists.

Asaii's machine learning algorithms will enhance the Apple Music and iTunes experience. Founded in 2016, Asaii's founders include Sony Theakanath, Austin Chen, and Chris Zhang, all of whom have worked for Apple, Facebook, Uber, Salesforce, and Yelp. The Asaii team will join Apple Music team, claims Cameron Baradar, the Asaii investor.

Apple Music and the lyrics database Genius announced today that they will allow Apple Music users to access Genius and play the full song's lyrics, and this will apply to the Genius website and its iOS app. Since iOS 10, Apple Music supports lyrics, with Genius, it would improve the quantity and accuracy of lyrics available on songs in the Apple Music service.

Apple will use Genius' database to enhance Apple Music's own lyrics experience and then provide to it to thousands of songs. Genius’s Chief Strategy Officer said in a statement that he proud to partner with Apple to bring subscribers a "dream Genius experience."

“Being able to read lyrics and annotations on Genius while you listen along on Apple Music is a dream Genius experience,” said ​Ben Gross, Genius’s Chief Strategy Officer​. “We’re proud to make Apple Music our official music player, and we’re doubly excited to bring Genius lyrics to their amazing platform.”

To use the Apple Music player on Genius, search for any songs and then click "Connect Account" when the player pops up, which will require you to allow Genius to access your Apple Music account and once you accept, you will be able to listen to your full Apple Music playlists. For Apple Music app, you can check for lyrics by tapping bottom of the ellipsis icon.

Image Via Genius

Apple Music is gaining its own top charts for subscribers of the service, says a report from Rolling Stone, The feature will be available for all countries that supports Apple Music. The charts, however, will be refreshed everyday at 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Apple Music will also include a single global chart of top songs that's popular in worldwide.

Apple Music, in a software update Friday to all users, is rolling out 116 “top 100” numeric charts, which will display the top-streamed songs on Apple Music refreshed on a regular basis. […] one global chart and a top 100 chart for every country in which Apple Music is available — are grouped together under the platform’s “Browse” tab and have a similar visual appearance to that of playlists or albums. Each chart is updated daily at 12 a.m. PST.

The company to release a software update on Friday to all users that will include the new charts feature, in which the new charts will be located under the "Browse" tab. With iOS 12, Apple is adding several new features to Apple Music such as the Music Video section, the ability to search songs by lyrics.

According to a new report by Android Police, Apple Music's latest beta for Android supports the Android Auto platform, which means the music streaming service may soon be able to log into Google's in-vehicle infotainment system.

Apple Music for Android support for Android Auto has been added for the first time in the 2.6.0 beta. To get the beta, users can initiate an access request through Google Group and download it from the Play Store beta sign up page. After downloading, users will see Apple Music as a source for Android Auto.

Apple's move will give Android users a new option to experience Apple Music, not just the previous play it through Aux external or Bluetooth. Many in-vehicle entertainment systems support both CarPlay and Android Auto, which can really improve the user experience for Android users.

In addition to supporting Android Auto, the latest beta also brings features that were previously unique to iOS, such as search songs based on lyrics, Artist Pages, and Friends Mix.

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Apple and US cellular carrier Verizon announced a new partnership program, starting on August 16th, Verizon users who plan to subscribe and already subscribed to the "Verizon Unlimited" unlimited data plan can enjoy 6 months of Apple Musc for free.

According to Verizon, Apple Music subscribers who meet the standards need to cancel the subscription and reactivate it, and then they will enjoy a 6-month free subscription period. However, the benefit is limited to users in the United States.

Verizon said that once registered, its VZW Unlimited customers will have full access to Apple Music on their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac, HomePod, CarPlay, PC, as well as Android devices, and the company promises to extend more offers in the future.

Verizon first announced its three “Unlimited” plans earlier this year, offering three different tiers – all of which qualify for this Apple Music deal, with the cheapest one starting at $75 for a single line. The US carrier will reveal more details on August 16th.

Image Via Tom's Guide

Fast Company published an article about Spotify founder Daniel Ek, writers Bob Safian and Daniel Ek discuss the topic of music distribution and organization. To express a different point of view, Safian also visited Tim Cook, who talked about his views on Apple Music.

Cook says Apple Music recommends music to users manually, while Spotify relies largely on algorithms. Although Cook did not mention Spotify's name directly in the interview, he obviously named the two different ideas of the two companies:

Cook's words embody Apple's longstanding critique of Spotify, which is that its algorithms are eroding music's spiritual role in our lives. Cook doesn't mention Spotify by name but says, "We worry about the humanity being drained out of music, about it becoming a bits-and-bytes kind of world instead of the art and craft."

Last month, the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce issued an open letter to Apple and Google's parent company Alphabet, that is divided into 16 sections and wants to understand how Apple and Alphabet handle customer data. Today, Apple replied to the letter by reiterating the company's belief that "privacy is the basic right of everyone." (Via MacRumors)

According to Apple, when designing products and services, they minimize the collection of customer data. Timothy Powderly, Apple's director of Federal Government Affairs, responded on behalf of Tim Cook:

Dear Mr. Chairman:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the capabilities of Apple iPhone devices. Not all technology companies operate in the same manner— in fact, the business models and data collection and use practices are often radically different from one another. Apple’s philosophy and approach to customer data differs from many other companies on these important issues.

We believe privacy is a fundamental human right and purposely design our products and services to minimize our collection of customer data. When we do collect data, we’re transparent about it and work to disassociate it from the user. We utilize on device processing to minimize data collection by Apple. The customer is not our product, and our business model does not depend on collecting vast amounts of personally identifiable information to enrich targeted profiles marketed to advertisers.

Because we strongly believe the customer should control their personal information and the way it’s used, we provide a number of easily accessible resources on our website so that they can make wise choices. Most of your questions are addressed in public-facing documents such as our privacy website, which can be found at In addition, we recently answered similar questions from Senator Charles Grassley, and our responses are available online.

Innovation at Apple means designing a new product or service with customer privacy as a key element of design, and not an obligation. We hope that the responses below are helpful in understanding these topics and make clear Apple’s position that customers are entitled to transparency, choice, and control over their personal information. We would be pleased to brief Committee staff at your convenience.


Image Via Latest Hacking News

First announced on WWDC 2018, Apple has officially rolled out all-new weekly discovery playlist called "Friend Mix", a mix that includes 25 songs your friends have listened over a week, which will update every Monday, while they can also what you have been listening to..

Once you tap the playlist, it will include your friends’ profile picture on the songs as well. Users can find the Friends Mix sitting atop the "For You" tab in Apple Music within the "Friends Are Listening To". It’s not clear that if this is only limited to subscribers, and whether it supports older iOS versions or just for iOS 12.

Friends Mix is joining Favorites Mix New Music Mix, and Chill Mix as the fourth Apple Music weekly playlist, it leaves 3 more mixes for Apple to fill. It’s unlikely that Apple will debut another weekly playlist anytime soon.

In addition to that, I expect no more changes coming to Apple Music in iOS 12 asides a new "Coming Soon" section that has already rolled out for users.

Image Via 9to5Mac

According to an industry source interviewed by Digital Music News, Apple Music has now surpassed Spotify's number of subscribers in the United States. Both services are said to have more than 20M US subscribers, with Apple Music supposed to be ‘a hair ahead with "20 million plus."

Both Apple Music and Spotify have more than 20 million subscribers in America, with Apple now a hair ahead. The source requests that we withhold exact subscriber numbers beyond mentioning ’20 million plus,’ to protect confidentiality.

Today's report, however, seems to echo a WSJ report back in February that since Apple's US-based subscriber growth rate is at 5 percent in the U.S., compared to Spotify’s 2 percent. therefore, the report predicted Apple Music would surpass its biggest competitor in the summer.

At present, Apple Music is still the second largest streaming music service in the world, behind Spotify. As of March 31, 2018, Spotify had 75 million paid users and had a total active user base of at least 170 million, while Apple Music has over 50 million paid and non-paid users. And, of course, unlike Apple Music, Spotify offers a free tier, but with ads.

Image Via TechCrunch

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the number of Apple Music users has passed 50 million. However, This figure includes paid subscribers and users in free trials, Cook revealed this exciting news in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

5 weeks ago, Eddy Cue, Apple Service chief, says that Apple Music has 48 million users, including 40 million paid subscribers and 8 million free trials users. Moreover, Cue believes that there are about two billion people in the world who could be subscribers of Apple Music.

At present, Apple Music is still the second largest streaming music service in the world, behind Spotify. As of March 31, 2018, Spotify had 75 million paid users and had a total active user base of at least 170 million. Of course, unlike Apple Music, Spotify offers a free tier, but with ads.


Image By MacRumors

Well, it appears that Apple is again trying to convince customers who have tried Apple Music, but didn't a subscribers of the music streaming services with free extra month access, according to Reddit user ashindn1l3, who received a notification about the offer despite his three months of Apple Music trial has expired.

“Come see what you’ve been missing in the new Apple Music, like a simpler design that makes finding what you want and discovering new music, easier than ever,” as the notification reads, which also contain a unique redeem code for the extra month trial.

In additon, users in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Hong Kong have reported being notified by Apple about the offer via push notifications and emails. It worth to pointed out that the offer is possible limited to those who signed up for a free trial prior to Apple Music’s redesign in iOS 10.

In a similar story, iTunes for Windows is now available on Microsoft Store, and now users are able to listen to Beats 1 radio as well as enjoy their Apple Music subscription. Users need to update their PC  to Windows 10 version 16299.0 or higher in order to run the software.

Image Via Apple Support

Apple Music has just passed its 40 million subscribers milestone, that is up from 38 million in which Eddy Cue said couple weeks ago, according to a Steven Huon's Tweet, who is the company's content director in France.

While Cue has revealed last month that there are 38 million Apple subscribers, he also says that over eight million customers that are currently taking advantage of Apple Music's free three-month trial period. Moreover, the iTunes chief said there're about two billion people in the world who could be subscribers of Apple Music.

The real opportunity for music — and it's not about Spotify or us or the labels, it's about artists — is how do they get their music to everyone around the world and how do they get compensated for that. We both have to grow by significant amounts in order to get to the numbers which it should.

Although Apple Music has reached its 40 million subscribers milestone, it's still far behind Spotify. As matter of fact, the Swedish company's announced in the first week of January that it had 70 million paying subscribers worldwide, and they are expect to have between 92M and 96M paid subscribers by the end of the year.

Update: According to a Eddy Cue' memo obtained by Variety, Apple Music has officially crosses 40 million paid subscribers mark across 115 countries. In additon, Cue also announced the promotion of Oliver Schusser to Apple's new head of Apple Music Worldwide, who previously worked as vice president of Apple Music and International Content

Image Via Apple

If you have subscribed to the Apple Music, a new section called Music Video will appears in your Music app, ahead of the iOS 11.3 release, which Apple promised in the preview of the software update, however it’s already showed up for iPhone and iPad users.

Just tap on the Music app, then go to Browse tab, and choose "Music Videos", which will showcase some music videos that have been available on the service, a curated "Today's Video Hits" allows you to watch today’s top music videos, as well as featuring the latest music videos and spotlights on particular artists.

Image Via 9to5Mac

In addition, you can also subscribe to video playlists, which would especially helpful if you have an Apple TV because you can now both listen to the top songs and watch their accompanying music videos. Moreover, it learns your music taste, giving you best personal music preferences.

On the other hand, even through Apple released iOS 11.3, it’s only for the sixth-generation of iPad, we are unclear when could the company launch the official release of 11.3 version to everyone. When do you expect the new update to drop? Let us know in the comment.

According to TechCrunch, Apple has teamed up with Fiat Chrysler and Volkswagen to offer a six-month subscription to Apple Music when purchasing a new vehicle with CarPlay. This new promo will kick off on May 1, 2018, and will be saving a user $60, as it normally costs 10 bucks per month. 

It is worth to mention here that the six-month offers only applied to first-time Apple Music subscribers, which means if you already a current Apple Music subscriber, you will only get three free months of service rather than the full six months.

Image Credit Pocket-lint
In the U.S., FCA will offer customers up to six months free of Apple Music with the purchase of any new Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Jeep or Ram vehicle with standard CarPlay support. Customers who are new to Apple Music will receive the full six months free, while existing subscribers will get three months free. (Users receive individual memberships, not family plans.)

From our understanding, this promotions should be running through April 30, 2019, and it will qualify to new Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Jeep, or Ram vehicles with CarPlay support for those in the US. The same deal will be applied to any Volkswagen vehicle with CarPlay in Europe.

Apple announced today that expanding its discounted student memberships for Apple Music to 82 additional markets, making half-price subscriptions available in nearly all regions where the Apple Music streaming service is available.

Apple Music's student discounts are currently available in 79 regions, while an additional three to be added on February 26. New countries where an Apple Music discount that is available for students to include Israel, Malaysia, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, and Taiwan.

First introduced in 2016, Apple Music’s student membership offers college and university students a discounted monthly subscription for Apple Music. The discount allows students in the United States to subscribe for $4.99 per month, normally it costs $9.99/month, the discount is available for 48 months.

Students must be enrolled in an eligible college or university to qualify the discount price. The eligibility is determined and verified through UNiDAYs. So once UNiDAYS confirms that Apple Music subscribers are enrolled in a degree-granting program will allow customers to get the discounted subscription price.

Via 9to5Mac And MacRumors, Image Credit Sidify

Apple is launching a new dashboard that designed specifically for musicians called Apple Music for Artists. The new dashboard has been created to give “deep analytical insight” about fans’ buying and listening habits. As outlined by Billboard, the feature is meant to provide artists and bands with insight into the listening and buying habits of their fans.

Moreover, the dashboard home page offers an artist's current number of plays, spins, song purchases, and album purchases, with built-in tools able to provide data that dating back to June of 2015, which is when Apple Music first launched. Billboard noted it has a clean and simple interface (see below) that is easy to use.

An Insights panel available from the dashboard highlights milestones like all-time number of plays, purchases of specific songs, and cumulative purchases, while the global map is designed to allow musicians to click on any of the 115 countries where Apple Music/iTunes is available to see purchase history.

Another feature is allowing artists to see data on their tracks that are included in Apple-curated playlists. At present, a few thousand artists have been invited to join Apple Music for Artists as part of a beta test, and later, the feature will expand to all artists that have content on the iTunes and Apple Music platforms.

Via MacRumors And 9to5Mac, Image Credit MR
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