Apple's $29 Battery Replacement Service Is Only Limited To One Repair Per iPhone

Apple previously confirmed that they're offering $29 battery replacements to any customer with an iPhone 6 or newer regardless of diagnostic result, However, the company says that this policy can only be taken advantage of once, according to new fine print on its iPhone service pricing page.

In other words, after you had your iPhone's battery replaced once this year, you are no longer to qualify for any additional battery replacements for $29. What if a user passed diagnostic test, then the user can still choose to have the battery replaced, but Apple's standard $79 fee applies.

I'm sure most customers don't need to have their iPhone battery replaced more than once, some people may have planned on taking advantage of the $29 deal now. Apple says that iPhone batteries are designed to retain up to 80 percent of their original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles, so you can probably use the battery up to one year.

Devices that are eligible for the discounted battery service price including iPhone 6 and newer models. Apple said that the $29 fee is valid through December 31, 2018. Ever since Apple confirmed they are slowing down iPhones, Nearly 30 class action lawsuits have been filed so far.

Via MacRumors And iDownloadBlog, Image Credit PC911247

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