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Earlier this week, Samsung showed off its first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, a $2,000 device that will be available in April this year. However, we have seen many patents filed by Apple lately that reveals the company may actually working on a foldable iPhone, but that might take some years before it becomes reality. So if Apple wants to make a foldable phone, they might need to rely on Samsung for that.

Dutch industrial designer Roy Gilsing shared his foldable iPhone concept, give us an idea of how could Apple implement the technology into their devices. Just like the Galaxy Fold, the device let you switch seamlessly between the phone and tablet mode. When it's in tablet mode, it can be used in both portrait and landscape and allows a partial fold and turns it into a mini-laptop with a touchscreen keyboard.

Clearly, Apple did put some effort into researching the tech, as one of their foldable patents showed that in order to prevent such designs from causing severe damage to the screen, the company discusses the use of "elastic materials, fluids and other materials" to fill the recessed areas in the middle. The patent was submitted on June 8, 2016, that's more than 2 years ago.

At least one analyst expect that Apple won't release a foldable iPhone until 2020 at earliest, otherwise, they may not going to release it at all.

It seems every each year the iPhone is getting bigger and bigger, every since iPhone 6 plus was release, it went from 4-inch to 4.7-inch, 5.5-inch to 5.8-inch, and then 6.5-inch nowadays, because people simply want have bigger smartphone, that applies to majority smartphone brands on the market, smaller phones are nowhere to found, however, a new concept trying to imagine what would a mini iPhone XR look like.

Designer Krystofer said his inspiration for the concept of the iPhone mini came from seeing a child using a Plus-size iPhone to make a call. Another is that he saw an old man having difficulty taping on the top of a large-size phone. Therefore, Krystofer decided to design an iPhone that is tinner, less powerful, but cheaper. Like other iPhones, it can make calls, texts, pre-installed several core apps, and emergency features.

Similar to iPhone XS and XR, the iPhone mini uses the same full-screen notch design, but its body is 40% smaller than the iPhone XS Max and has only one rear camera. Simply put, it's more like a mini version of the iPhone XR. "Your thumb can reach all corners", he says: "it would be light and could fit into any pocket unlike the new line-up out from Apple"

However, as far as Apple is concerned, they are unlikely to launch a phone similar to the iPhone mini. There are even rumors that Apple has given up the second-generation iPhone SE. With the slowdown in the smartphone market, Apple has turned to a new strategy of selling fewer handsets at higher prices and increasing revenue by increasing the average iPhone price.

Apple's unique notch design on the iPhone X and iPhone XS has spawned many Android copycats, but concept designer Antonio De Rosa has a new idea, which is to make the notch move to the left of the screen instead put the cutout on the middle of the device.

The so-called Apple Phone smartphone includes a new look and a chic stylus. By moving the cutout to the left side of the screen gives you more room for icons and other information in the top status bar, and makes the iPhone look different from other Android competitors, stands out to other smartphones such as OnePlus 6, Pixel 3XL, and more.

In addition, Antonio de Rosa also hopes that Apple will eventually integrate the stylus into the Apple Phone. The stylus can be pulled out from the top of the phone and connected via Bluetooth, a bit like the mini Apple Pencil and Samsung's S Pen. The back of the Apple Phone, however, featured with 5 rear cameras, with four 1200 MP lenses, and a 20MP lenses.

In terms of configuration, the Apple Phone has a 6.7-inch Super Retina OLED display with a resolution of 3000x1386 and a pixel density of 458ppi. The front camera system has been improved, including 8-megapixel dual cameras, and the Face ID has been upgraded to the second generation, and an A13 chip.

Yesterday, there's Chinese reported that Apple is developing a new generation of iPhone SE. The new generation of iPhone SE is expected to be officially unveiled as early as the first half of next year, it will become Apple's main force to conquer the Indian market.

And now, designer Dávid Holczhauer shared a concept phone called the iPhone S on Behance website and said it was smartphone that would soon replace the iPhone SE, the long-awaited compact phone. It not only retains the small size, but the design similar to the latest iMac.

Thie iPhone S packed with a 4.7-inch full HD OLED screen, the phone is only 6.5mm thick. equipped with an 8-core processor and featured with 20 megapixel main camera and 800 megapixel front camera. This is actually very strange, Apple usually don't adopts such hardware parameters.

Overall, the so-called iPhone S is reminiscent of a wide range of iMacs, unlike the existing iPhone SE design language, it featured somewhat a curved designs on the back. And from the front to view, it's not too much like an iPhone, but rather more like a ZenFone phone.

As for the price, iPhone S pricing may not be too expensive, it should be priced about $300, While the yesterday's report said that the new generation of iPhone SE will continue to use the 4-inch display, but the processor will be upgraded to A10, the other parameters are basically the same with the 4.7-inch iPhone 7.

Via Feng, Image Credit Behance

The iPhone X goes up for pre-order this week with its all-new bezel and notch design, and now a fresh set of renders imagines if Apple brought that same design to its other products. Thanks to, we don't imagine anymore, with the renders showcase what the iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad, and Apple Watch could all look like in the future.

From the concept, that you can see, currently camera-less Apple Watch in the renders adopts the notch. Of course, in its current state, the Apple Watch already looks almost bezel-less, but it would certainly be nice to see Apple take that design to the next level. The concept also shows a MacBook with an edge-to-edge display, which greatly reduces its overall footprint.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about it is that it places a notch on almost all of these products. We can imagine the notch on these devices just like iPhone X features front-facing camera and sensors for Face ID. And the reaction to the ‘notch’ has been mixed so far, some of them have called it Apple’s new way of branding its devices, while others say it’s a hindrance in app design and development.

With the notch, however, reports suggesting Apple would bring Face ID to the rest of its products, as well. KGI has already claimed that the feature is coming to the iPad Pro next year. If Apple to adopt “bezel-less” designs across the board, the notch would seemingly have to stay until the company was able to implement the front-facing camera behind the screen itself.

Via 9toMac And iOSHacker, Image Credit 9to5Mac
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