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Technology developers at the Japan Semiconductor Energy Laboratory have successfully developed 8.3-inch and 13.3-inch 8K resolution OLED displays, the new panels could be used on future iPad Pros and MacBook Pros to deliver ultra-high PPI with more than 1,000 pixel-per-inch. (Via Anandtech)

Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, a technology developer from Japan, has developed the industry’s first 8.3 and 13.3-inch OLED displays featuring an 8K resolution. The monitors use crystalline oxide semiconductor technology and they are likely preliminary designs for future product commercialization. The company also recently showcased a bendable 8.6-inch OLED panel, potentially for a foldable tablet or smartphone
Both sizes of 8K OLED display resolution are 7680 x 4320, the 8.3-inch version has a refresh rate of 60Hz, while the 13.3-inch panel has a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. The PPI for the 8.3-inch monitor is 1062, whereas the PPI for the 13.3-inch version is 663. For comparison, the retina display for iPhone XS and XS Max has a PPI of 458, the iPad Pro has a PPI of 264, and the MacBook Pro has a PPI of 227.

The method of producing ultra-high resolution OLED panels is to use crystalline oxide semiconductor technology, especially color filters using CAAC-IGZO materials. This new technology is still not realistic this year, so more research and development works are needed in the future to make this new panel appear and adapted in consumer products.

iPhone X, Apple's first iPhone with an OLED screen, which also marks Apple's shift from LCD to OLED technology. Indeed, multiple reports suggested that Apple will release three iPhones this year, two of them are using OLED screen. And now, a new report says that Apple will complete its transition to OLED in 2019...

The report from Korean ET News stated that Apple plans to adopt OLED technology on all three new iPhones next year. Affected by this rumor, JDI's stock fell 20%, because this company mainly provides LCD screens for Apple.

"Apple recently started planning the iPhone model in 2019 and decided to adopt OLED in all three types," said an official from Apple who said, "The OLED used in the iPhone X (TEN) is a low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) LCD Quality, performance, and so on. "

Another official said, "Apple has decided to put all the OLED on the new iPhone model in 2019." If the new model is more than three kinds, the LCD model may be maintained. However.

Currently, Samsung is the only OLED screen supplier for Apple's iPhones. But the company has invested billions of dollars in LG and hopes LG can become an OLED supplier. and rumors even indicated that the screen maker would be the supplier for this year's "iPhone X Plus."

Image By India Today

Top Apple News Today:

Apple Demanding Samsung To Lower The Price Of OLED Screens: According to a report by DigiTimes), in order to cut the cost of 2018 OLED iPhone models, Apple is currently negotiating with Samsung Display to reduce the price of OLED screens, down around 9.1 percent from the $110 price point. In which the iPhone X 2 could cost $899 if the talk is successful.

GreyKey iPhone Unlocking Boxes Maker Faces Data Branch: Greyshift's GrayKey iPhone unlocking tools that have been sold to multiple law enforcement agencies across the United States, recently suffered a data breach that allowed hackers to access a small portion of the GrayKey code. It's not sure what kind of data might be accessible to hackers. (Via MotherBoards)

Indeed, Grayshift told Motherboard in a statement "Due [to] a network misconfiguration at a customer site, a GrayKey unit's UI was exposed to the internet for a brief period of time earlier this month."

"During this time, someone accessed the HTML/Javascript that makes up our UI. No sensitive IP or data was exposed, as the GrayKey was being validation tested at the time. We have since implemented changes to help our customers prevent unauthorized access," the statement added. 
According to the Financial Times, Apple will start paying 13 billion euros in back taxes to the Irish government from next month, after EU ruled that Apple need to pay $15 billion to the country after it saw its tax bill significantly reduced over the past few decades. Apple and Ireland have reached an agreement to set up an escrow account to hold the money.

Other news are including Apple CEO Tim Cook to attend President Trump's first State Dinner at White House, Spotify adds On-Demand Playlists (Instead shuffling songs at random) and Data Saver Mode, And Amazon Alexa app gains iPhone X support.
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