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Based on previous rumors, Apple has already prepared tons of new products and services for users this year, the question is when will the company release them? However, according to a report from the Greek website today, the next generation of AirPods, AirPower charging mat, and the new entry-level iPad will be available for in-store purchases and shipping on March 29.

It should be noted that although the website quoted a supply chain source given a specific date, it did not have an accurate track record of Apple's upcoming products in the past, it only said that Apple's product launch event will be held in late March and that pre-order will begin on March 22nd. Nevertheless, OnLeaks claims that AirPods 2 may not launch until this fall, even though he's not 100% sure.

It is widely regarded that the new AirPods will enable support for Hey Siri, launches alongside the AirPods wireless charging case, and the release of AirPower wireless charging mat. The new generation of iPad models, including the iPad and iPad mini, will likely to be debuted in the March event as well.

We have also learned that Apple is planning a number of media services, including the Apple News Magazine subscription and its original content TV packages. On the other hand, Some analysts expect Apple to push all these services into one large all-in-one bundle subscription.

The highly-anticipated Apple AirPower wireless charging mat will be officially launched this spring, while the second-generation AirPods will feature a special matte coating for easy grip and improved sound quality, comes in black and white colors, to include heart-rate monitoring feature, and a $200 price tag, according to rumor site MySmartPrice, who quoted a "Trusted source"

Speaks on AirPower, MySmartPrice's source suggests that due to its new 8-7-7 coil configuration, the wireless chagring mat will be thicker than originally planned. The source also mentioned that some of the exclusive features will not be activated until iOS 13 comes out, and it will carry a $149 price tag, which we have reported last year that's how much Apple will price the accessory at.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese media DigiTimes is out with a similar report claiming that Apple will release the new-generation of AirPods in the first half of this year and expect the AirPods shipment to grow further following the launch of the accessory. DigiTimes also believes that TSMC will remain to be the sole supplier of Apple’s A-series chips, with the A13 chip continue to be made on the 7-nanometer process.

Apple's long-awaited wireless charging mat, AirPower, which was rumored in production, mentioned in the product description of the new Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS Apple Malaysia website, however, the description in the United States and other countries only mentions compatibility with Qi-certified chargers.

In the description, Apple says: "the Smart Battery Case is compatible with AirPower Wireless Charging Mat and other Qi‑certified chargers". So it's clear that Apple was originally plan to launch the accessory alongside the Smart Battery Case, but was unable to release because of some technical challenges.

A report from last weekend, however, suggested that Apple was ready for the AirPower to begin mass production. The report especially says that Apple suppliers Luxshare Precision Pegatron has begun the production of AirPower wireless charging mat. And, If AirPower is finally coming, then the AirPods wireless charging case should also be available soon.

We expect Apple to announce the launch of AirPower and AirPods wireless charging case in a press release within a month from now.

Via MacRumors

Apple's wireless charging mat AirPower, an accessory that the Cupertino tech-giant promised to release in 2018, which it didn't, likewise it officially missed the deadline; and has not been released for more than a year after its release. However, the wait is likely to be over pretty soon, as the AirPower is said to have already started mass production and will be available purchase shortly.

The news comes from the Twitter account ChargerLab, who have learned from the credible sources of the supply chain that Apple supplier Luxshare Precision has begun the production of AirPower wireless charging mat. It is worth stating that Luxshare is also responsible for the manufacturing of AirPods and USB-C cables.
Breaking: AirPower is finally coming. We just learned from credible source in supply chain that the manufacture Luxshare Precision has already started producing Apple AirPower wireless charging pad. Luxshare Precision is also the maker of Apple AirPods and USB-C cables.
If AirPower is finally coming, the next-generation AirPods wireless charging should also be available soon. We expect Apple to announce the launch of AirPower and AirPods wireless charging case in a press release, as the company is questionable to host an event just for these two products.

With the arrival of January 1, 2019, Apple's AirPower wireless charging mat has officially missed the 2018 deadline, because at the September 2017 keynote, Apple introduced the device for the first time and said it would be available to the market sometime in 2018, but it turns out that Apple delayed it.

Designed to differ from current Qi wireless charging pad on the market, AirPower has the advantage that it can wirelessly charge multiple devices simultaneously: it can charge Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone at the same time. In addition, AirPower can also be used with iOS devices that are charging to display the battery level of other devices on the iPhone lock screen.

Obviously, we haven't seen Apple launch AirPower in 2018, nor did we see Apple determine when the AirPods wireless charging box will be available to the users. The company has also remained silent on the pricing of AirPower. It is unclear whether AirPower has been completely canceled, though is expected to be officially released in the near future, likely 1Q of 2019, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests.

However, the thing is Apple has not issued a statement to announce the latest status of AirPower to the media. The tech giant did not mention the product at the September and October press conferences, nor did it respond to media requests for comment at the end of December, therefore, it is still in an uncertain state.

According to job listings information from Apple's website in the US and New Zealand, the company is still working hard to get the AirPower wireless charging mat to sell as soon as possible. Whether it's in Cupertino, Calif., or Auckland, New Zealand, they are looking to add more people to the wireless charging technology team. Here is the job description that mentioned AirPower:

The mission of the Wireless Power Technology team - Build the world's best Wireless Charging user-experience by inventing state-of-the-art technologies. The Wireless Power Technology team develops bleeding-edge Wireless Charging designs that are central to Apple's products - the iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, AirPower and more.
Apple announced the AirPower wireless charging mat at the iPhone X event in September 2017, when the company announced that AirPower will be officially released in 2018. However, we have reported while back that it got delayed, as suppose it has a heating issue which affects the ability of the devices to charge if they become too warm in the process.

Likely, though, the Job listing indicates that the Cupertino tech-giant is still developing the AirPower. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also claimed that Apple may launch new AirPods and AirPower in late 4Q18 or early 1Q19. What do you think? Let us know in the comment below.

Image Via CNet

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest investor report claiming that we could see Apple to launch new iPad Mini on next week’s event alongside two updated iPad Pros, as he shares details on the AirPower wireless charging mat, AirPower, and Macs.

Firstly, Kuo says Apple is prepared to debut new iPad Pro with new design and improved display, USB-C support for charging instead of Lightning port, redesigned Apple Pencil, as well as upgraded processors. However, we can expect the tablet would feature Face ID, edge-edge screen, no Home button and no headphone jack.

Furthermore, the analyst believes that Apple could launch new iPad mini version, where he expect it to have faster processors and better display. It’s worth to note that, Kuo, however, if Apple will announce it next week or early of 2019.

Other things he said that Apple will debut are a new Mac mini, MacBook Air, and iMac with internal upgrades and brings speed bump. Lastly, he noted that new AirPods and AirPower would arrive either next week or earlier of next year. Apple will host the October event on October 30th in New York City.

Image Via iTechAwan

Indeed, It has been more than a year since Apple previewed its AirPower wireless charging mat, and so far this highly-anticipated iPhone accessory is still not listed on the market. Many people can't help but ask what happened to AirPower and whether it can be released. Sonny Dickson brings some insiders about the long-awaited product.

The report states that many people who are said to be engaged in the research and development of the project in Apple feel that the project is doomed to failure, unless it makes significant progress, otherwise it will not work and may just not release after all. The articles summarize several engineering issues for the delay.

Firstly, AirPower still faces overheating problems that would lead to a significant performance degradation. If the battery is overheated during charging, it will affect the battery capacity of the device. It also affects the performance of Apple's self-developed custom charging chip that built-in iOS devices.

Secondly, Apple engineers encountered hardware and software problems when testing AirPower's communication with the devices on it, especially the charging data that the Apple Watch and AirPods sent to the iPhone, which was used to monitor the charge level.

Since AirPower is composed of 21 ~ 24 different size charging coils, which can charge three Apple devices at same time, which is very difficult to implement, because the coil generates a large amount of interference, which reduces the charging efficiency, and also causes heating problems. Plus, its compact size makes it also an extremely complex technical challenge.

All in all, the fate of the product is still uncertain, Apple may be ditching it, it may be further postponed, or the design may be re-engineered, so we assume the first look may be different from what we have seen before. Apple could announce the AirPower either next month or via press release.

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According to a DigiTimes report, in September this year, Apple will release the "entry-level" MacBook, which is priced at $1,200 and comes with a 14-nm Kaby Lake processor. At the same time, Quanta Computer will be responsible for the production of the new MacBook, TrendForce's article also stated that Apple to launch MacBook in September or October.

DigiTimes today also discussed the highly-anticipated AirPower wireless charging mat, which will be priced between $160 and $190. At the iPhone X event last year, Apple previewed AirPower, but it has not been officially released because of some heating issues.

Finally, DigiTimes cited supply chain news that Apple will unveil two newly designed iPad Pros in September this year, measured at 11 inches and 12.9 inches. The new iPad Pro features a bezel-less screen that supports the Face ID. In addition, the next generation iPad Pro will support 18W USB-C fast charging, as of now, it uses 12W charger.


Image Via Cult of Mac

According to Chongdiantou, who learned from the supply chain that, Apple's three new iPhones are expected to fully support wireless charging, including iPhone XS, iPhone (2018), and iPhone XS Plus. The site also leaks that Apple hopes to launch AirPower this fall for $150.

In 2017, Apple released three iPhones that support wireless charging, iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, which brings the feature to the iPhone for the first time. With the specified wireless charger, it can deliver up to 7.5W wireless fast charging. Of course, it won't make any sense if this year's models do not come with wireless charging.

The website also leaks Apple's AirPower wireless charging mat production progress update:

1. The charging mat has 22 coils built in;

2. Apple redefines (customizes) the wireless charging master chip;

3. Each coil is tiled and does not overlap each other;

4, each coil is very small, so small that the chip can be precisely controlled to each coil switch;

5, each coil can be wirelessly charged to the Apple Watch alone;

6, Apple engineers hope to be perfect enough, currently debugging;

7, once again lead the wireless charging development direction.

AirPower was announced alongside the iPhone X event in September last year. It was once said that the product will be released in 2018, but after it faces heating issues, this fall will be an excellent time to launch the charging mat, and industry insiders speculate that it will be priced around 1,000 yuan, which is approximately $150.

Image Via TechNewsWorld

According to a new investor's note shared by reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who says that Apple will introduce three new iPhones, new iPad Pro with Face ID feature, an updated version of Mac Mini, new MacBook models.

First of all, Kuo claims that there are three iPhones in the works, two of them are OLED models, and one is the lower-cost LED model that will be available in a 6.1-inch size. All of these will feature Face ID and upgraded A12 processors. However, like iPhone 8, the cheaper version will still ship with a single-rear lens camera.

Secondly, the analyst expects two new 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models will be introducing this fall, they are equipped with a full-screen design similar to the iPhone X and no Home button and feature Face ID. Since iOS beta 2 was released to developers and beta testers, they have found that iPhone X gestures brought to the iPads.

When it comes to Mac lineups, Kuo says Mac products like Mac mini, MacBook models, and MacBook Pro models will receive a new processor upgrade. He believes that Apple will also likely announce new lower-cost MacBook to replace the existing Air lineups.

Finally, Apple is said to be working on two new Apple Watch models for 2018 release. These models will have bigger displays and enhanced heart rate detection features. Kuo predicts that second-generation of AirPods and AirPower to launch alongside three new iPhones.

Image Via MacRumors

Even though Apple has promised that AirPower will be available in 2018, a specific date wasn’t given to us. However, a new report from Bloomberg indicates that the wireless charging mat will be released in September alongside three new iPhones.

The report further pointed out that AirPower actually runs a stripped down version of iOS, which means that it can manage power and complex circuitry, and simultaneously communicate with the iOS devices, Apple Watch and AirPods that are laid on it, as it can support three devices charging at once.

As reported an article earlier this year that the accessory may face heating problems: when the testing personnel begins charging three devices on AirPower at once, it will suddenly get hotter. Bloomberg has backed up on the rumor.

The company has long-term history to perfecting a product rather than rush to launch it the right way. So, we have wait another three months for the charging mat, even though we heard that it will cost $249.

As reported by CNET, Apple may be working on a powerful headset that will combine the augmented reality and virtual reality into a singular experience. The headset, codenamed T288, featured an 8K display in each eye, and it will a standalone device, meaning it doesn't need to be powered by a Mac or iPhone.

Furthermore, the handset would connect to a "dedicated box" using a high-speed short-range wireless technology called 60GHz WiGig. The box will be driven by an Apple custom 5nm processor, which is said to be "more powerful than anything currently available", and the box mirrors a PC tower, but it "won't be an actual Mac computer."

In a separate story, Chinese media ChongDianTou cited supply chain sources said Apple's upcoming AirPower wireless charging mat face heating problems, so they expected that it won't be launching until May or June, and once it becomes available, the initial supplies will be limited at 10 million units.

AirPower is designed to allow a user to charge up three devices at once, it will be supporting Apple Watch Series 3, compatible AirPods charging case, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. It will be using the standard Qi wireless charging technology, and it's believed that the AirPower will be priced at $199.

According to Japanese blog Mac Otakara who spoken to "reliable sources" have apparently confirmed a claim made earlier in February by The Apple Post that the wireless accessory will go on sale in Apple's retail stores sometime in March, even though a specific date still remains unclear.

The claim come from a Best Buy staff says they will begin receiving AirPower units in-store by the end of next month, the date most likely clocked at March 21st, the tracking records shows that in 2016 and 2017, when the company had a event in the spring, it was always in March 21st. The source also reports that Apple sending additional units to be used as store demos/displays.

Image Credit TechRadar
AirPower is a wireless charging mat designed to allow a user to charge up three devices at same, it will supporting Apple Watch Series 3, AirPods charging case, iPhone 8/8 Plus and X. AirPower will also communicate’ between each device and intelligently decide on how much power each device requires, and use the Qi standard technology.

Apple didn't announce the pricing of the product, but according to Polish online retailer X-Kom's website it suggest to be cost 999 Złotych. Since many of products that are cost 999 Złotych on Apple's online store in Poland are priced at $199 in the United States, like the iPod Touch 6, so we believed that the AirPower will be priced at $199.

According to The Apple Post, one of their tipster who works for Best Buy, says that Apple is likely to launch its wireless charging mat - AirPower and new AirPods wireless charging case in March, this is in line for a rumor that Digitimes reported few days ago, which the publication claims Apple to releases new products at March.

The Best Buy staff says they will begin receiving AirPower units in-store by the end of next moth, the date most likely clocked at March 21st, tracking records shows that in 2016 and 2017, when the company had a event in the spring, it's always March 21st. The source also reports that Apple sending additional units to be used as store demos/displays.

First previewed by Apple at September event last year, AirPower designed to allows a user to charge up three devices at same, it will be supporting Apple Watch Series 3, compatible Apple Watch charging case, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. 

The wireless charging mat will also communicate’ between each device and intelligently decide on how much power each device requires, with Apple said it will work to have its technology become part of the universal Qi standard supported by the latest iPhones.

As for price of the AirPower, according to Polish online retailer X-Kom's website it will be cost 999 Złotych. Since many products that are cost 999 Złotych on Apple's online store in Poland are priced at $199 in the United States, like the iPod Touch 6, so we believed that the AirPower will be priced at $199.

Apple's upcoming AirPower wireless charging mat has recently appeared on the Poland's online retailer X-Kom website for 999 Złotych, though it is not yet available to purchase, but this list could be a clue about how much the gadget cost on the U.S. market. As noted by ThinkApple, products that cost 999 Złotych on Apple’s online store in Poland that go for around $199 in US. 

Bose's SoundLink speaker, for example, is 999 Złotych in Poland and $199.95 in the United States, the iPod touch with 32GB of storage costs 990 Złotych in Poland and $199 in the United States on Apple's website. All this Could mean AirPower will actually be sold for $199 when it launches next year?

Perhaps the price X-Kom lists for the AirPower just simply a placeholder who likely wouldn’t have inside knowledge of how Apple plans to price its unreleased product, or Apple will charge the same amount. Apple's pricing is often consistent with third-party retailers, but not always, and currency exchange rates fluctuate. 

AirPower is an oval-shaped charging mat that can inductively charge multiple Apple devices at once, including the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and Apple Watch Series 3 models. It will also work with Apple's forthcoming wireless AirPods charging case. The mat's ability to charge multiple devices likely to b achieved with a propriety technology being developed by Apple.

Via MacRumors And 9to5Mac, Image Credit Digital Trends And MR
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