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Apple has long promoted the iPad Pro as one of the best alternatives to computers, they have shared a video this afternoon through its official YouTube channel to further prove that point, which lists five reasons that the latest 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros that could be your next computer.

Apple says that it is more powerful than most computers; it's a scanner, camera, editing suites, notepads, theaters, music studios, books, and a computer; it equipped with LTE that access the internet anywhere, it's also easy to use (refers to the gesture operation); and it gets even better with the Apple Pencil.

Still, many people would argue that the iPad Pro has a long way to go before it can fully become a functional computer for most people, some folks even suggest them to put macOS into the tablet. The most wanted features that consumers are happy including a true file system, ability to store documents, a way to use the mouse, should bring Xcode to the platform, or just develop the so-called iPadOS system.

One thing is for sure that the new iPad Pro packed with desktop-class specs and a variety of new technology additions, it uses a 12.9-inch full-screen, Face D, built-in A12X chip, the industrial leading ARM processor, plus USB-C port, GPU controllers, plus super responsive Apple Pencil with wireless charging, and so on.

Apple released iOS 12 couple weeks ago, though it promised to focus on software quality and privacy issues, however, a bug in the iOS 12 allows anyone to passcode bypass then accesses contacts and photos that works even on iPhone XS, according to a YouTube video posted by EverythingApplePro Channel.

Bypass and access contacts is not simple anymore, as the YouTuber says you will need to invoke Siri, ask it to enable VoiceOver, call the phone number, when the 'slide to answer' interface shown up, click on the message icon twice, then tap on Contact twice, press on the '+' button, then send a message from other device to this device, the display all the sudden change into white screen, tap on and swipe the display many times, enter numbers, tap on a contact, then click on the "i" icon, and you can see the contact info.

Unlike most iPhone passcode bypasses, the process is far complicated, but appears to work, provided the attacker has physical access to a device that has Siri enabled. It works on every iOS 12 devices such as iPhone 5S all the way to iPhone XS, however, it's unclear if it works for non-iOS 12 devices.

Currently, it's likely Apple will fix the bug rather sooner than later, in a form of iOS 12.0.1 or other. Well, it does look like Apple still needs some work on iOS 12, although this seems pretty tricky to do it. We will update if Apple responds the matter.

Unbox Therapy, the top tech YouTube channel recently pointed out that the upcoming iPhone XR's screen has the same pixel density as the iPhone 4, which is 326ppi. According to Apple, it did say that the iPhone XR has embraced the so-called Liquid Retina HD display with a pixel density of 326ppi, some think it sucks. However, there are few things to note:

Firstly, each non-Plus model has a 326ppi screen, including the old school iPhone 4 to iPhone 8. Therefore, Unbox Therapy believes that Apple deliberately made the resolution worse on the iPhone XR to avoid it affects the sale of its high-end OLED models. Sure, this argument may be justified, but for most users, the difference in pixel density is not the main focus of their concerns.

So, is pixel density really matter in the everyday use of the iPhone? The YouTuber said in a video that it is tough to notice the difference in pixel density between the two devices at normal view distances. In other words, higher in pixel densities do not have a significant impact on the viewing experience of this display specifically made for iPhone XR. Apple itself touted out that iPhone XR display is the most advanced LCD in the industry, plus it supports True Tone and better in color accuracy.

Apple hopes that iPhone XR will be competitive in the mid-end market. though many Android phones out there have high-resolution displays, this indicates higher costs and higher power consumption. What I am saying is that the lower resolution of the iPhone XR means it will have better battery life. In fact, the iPhone XR has an even larger battery capacity, compare to iPhone XS

In general, the iPhone XR has a display that should be featured in a mid-range smartphone. It is the best successor to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and most users won't notice the difference in pixel density. Of course, part of the iPhone XR's competitiveness comes from its price. Considering the solid mobile operating system it and the powerful smartphone processor it includes, Android phones may not stand its top places in the long run, but rather gives the iPhone XR.

Image Via Unbox Therapy
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