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As we getting more and more closer to Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conferences (WWDC), many people are trying to make Siri reveal some hidden messages about the event. And today, we did discovered some of the surprises that Apple planned for this year's most hyped Keynote.

Firstly, when we ask Siri "Tell me about WWDC", the assistant responds "I'm gonna have a shiny new home! Well, not really shiny, more meshy and matte." This could hint a new hardware, as the mention of mesh implies the new home for Siri will be some form of speaker, which is in line with the rumored cheaper Beats HomePod we reported last weekend!

Next up, we asked same question again, this time, Siri claims that it will getting "a lot" smarter, which suggesting it will most likely gain new capabilities. The virtual assistant do need to take a big step to improve its functions, several tests shows that it lags behind Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa when it comes to answering queries.

Finally, Siri leaks that a brand new voice will be added to itself, but, wasn't Apple already introduced a more modern voice last year? Siri has also told us that "so many good things" to be announced during WWDC. 


Following a report that the newly discovered privacy bug which Siri would allow someone to access hidden message notifications on a locked iPhone, Apple has confirmed it will fix the issue in a upcoming future software update, which might points to iOS 11.3.

According to the statement provided to the MacRumors, Apple said that they are aware of it, and promise the bug will be soon fixed in an upcoming software update. "We are aware of the issue and it will be addressed in an upcoming software update," says Apple.

Image Credit NDTV Gadgets

The issue appears not only on the third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype, but also Apple's stock Mail app, where Siri could be happily disclose the content of the messages to someone picks up the locked phone. As the bug works on both iOS 11.2.6, as well as beta of iOS 11.3.

As we stated in the previous article, the best work grounds we can think are to disable the messaging app's content on the Lock screen, or just directly disable Siri on the Lock screen by going to the Settings - Siri & Search, and turn off "Allow Siri When Locked".

According to The Information's newly-published report, which Apple's Siri have transformed from the company's most promising technologies into a major problem, and rushed through Siri's development. The article also included interviews from former Apple employees who worked on the various teams responsible for the virtual assistant.

Image Credit CNET

Multiple people told The Information that Apple "rushed Siri into the iPhone 4s before this technology was fully baked," resulting in several internal debates over whether to continue patching up the half-baked product or start from scratch.

Siri's various teams morphed into an unwieldy apparatus that engaged in petty turf battles and heated arguments over what an ideal version of Siri should be—a quick and accurate information fetcher or a conversant and intuitive assistant capable of complex tasks.

Interestingly, Siri team apparently didn't even learn the HomePod until 2015. Bloomberg News reported that Apple had developed several speaker prototypes dating back to 2012, but the Siri team presumably didn't know due to Apple's culture of secrecy, which means Apple had originally considered launching the speaker without Siri.

In a sign of how unprepared Apple was to deal with a rivalry, two Siri team members told The Information that their team didn't even learn about Apple’s HomePod project until 2015—after Amazon unveiled the Echo in late 2014. One of Apple’s original plans was to launch its speaker without Siri included, according to a source.

Also, the leadership of Siri appears to be very fraught with conflicts, moving through many different managers since 2011, many of the key projects has been disagreed by the team, resulting in the Siri division lacking focus and vision. There were also disputes between the natural language and search departments.

Apple has provided a statement in response to today's report and saying Siri is "the world's most popular voice assistant" and has "significant advances" to the assistant's performance, scalability, and reliability.

"We have made significant advances in Siri performance, scalability and reliability and have applied the latest machine learning techniques to create a more natural voice and more proactive features," Apple wrote in its statement. "We continue to invest deeply in machine learning and artificial intelligence to continually improve the quality of answers Siri provides and the breadth of questions Siri can respond to."

Here's the link for the full-length article that discovering Siri's long history and Siri's internal struggles and shortcomings.

According to a new AI test by Loup Ventures, even through Apple's HomePod is the "best sounding" smartspeaker in the market right now, however, for its underlying AI assistant - Siri understood 99.4 percent of queries asked of it, but it only answered 52.3 percent of them correctly, failed to Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana, and Google Assistant.

Loup Ventures' Gene Munster said HomePod is "at the bottom of the totem pole" in the AI assistant performance category. Google Home is top the chart as it answered 81 percent correctly, while Amazon's Alexa rates is 64 percent, Microsoft's Cortana rated 57 percent, petty close to Siri's score.

In the chart, it appears that Siri's good for "local" and "commerce" queries, like when you asking about nearby coffee shops or assisting in buying new shoes. In this area, Siri beats Alexa and Cortana but still falls behind Google Assistant on Google Home by few points.

Despite Siri good for local and commerce informations, the smart assistant still failed in part because a number of functions, including email, calling, calendars, and navigations, which are simply inaccessible on a HomePod. Likewise, it would bring up a list of Google search results on an iPhone, it outright fails to provide anything on a HomePod.

Munster says given that Apple's main focus to the HomePod is music and sound quality, so his Siri overall performance rose above expectations. He believes that Apple may improve the HomePod's options over time, making it more useful and to integrated well with other Apple devices.

Via MacRumors And AppleInsider, Chart From Loup Ventures
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