Apple Pay Cash In iOS 11 Maybe Require Your Photo ID During Setup Process

One of the new features in iOS 11 was Apple Pay Cash - a new Apple service that allows users to send and receive money through iMessage, which can later be used in retails stores through NFC or even in websites and apps that are compatible with Apple Pay. iHelp BR has uncovered some further details on what we may come to expect with Apple Pay Cash.

iHelp BR’s new discovery today shows us just what the Apple Pay process may look like this coming fall. Working under the title ‘Apple Pay Cash’ the strings refer to user identity verification, transfer fees, and an Apple Pay Cash card.

It is worth noting that the user may need to upload a driver's license or photo ID to verify the user before sending cash to each other. One of the strings mentions “Position your driver’s license or photo ID in the frame”, this possibly means that Apple Pay cash will be using the same system that you have seen when adding a credit or debit card to your wallet. It appears that if the verification fails, the user will not be able to send the payment via iMessage.\

Your information could not be verified. 
You can still use your Apple Pay Cash balance in stores and apps. Sending and receiving payments in Messages will not be available until verification can be completed.

In a line of codes, it seems like Apple is very concerned about children abusing their parents' bank accounts and/or being lured into scams, so the feature could limits to children. Also in the beta code, Apple claims that Cash "works best" with a debit card. That may be a way of steering people away from credit cards, which will incur a 3 percent fee for person-to-person payments.

In addition to Touch ID, the virtual card comes complete with a four-digit PIN. As Apple’s Craig Federighi said in WWDC 2017 that Apple Pay Cash is available through iCloud across Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Mac devices that have been authorized for Apple Pay. We expecting Apple Pay Cash will launch in September Events, alongside with new iPhones, 4K Apple TV, and new watches.


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