A New Study Finds That Android Loyalty Rates Is Actually Five Percent Higher Than iOS

According to a consumer intelligence research firm called CIRP, who has released its latest data on mobile operating system loyalty, what's shockingly is that the Android loyalty rates is actually higher than iOS system. With Android holds at 91%, while iOS come in at 86%.

Image Credit CIRP
As we seen in the chart above, which shows that the firm has found a range of loyalty from 85%-88% for iOS and 89%-91% for Android during last year. However, it should be note here that the study was done with a sample size of 500, so it does not means it representing the all mobile device users.

"Loyalty for both Android and iOS increased in 2015 and into 2016, when it leveled off for both operating systems," said Mike Levin, Partner and Co-Founder of CIRP. "Loyalty is also as high as we've ever seen, really from 85-90% at any given point. With only two mobile operating systems at this point, it appears users now pick one, learn it, invest in apps and storage, and stick with it. Now, Apple and Google need to figure out how to sell products and services to these loyal customer bases."

A big reason that Android are gaining more loyalty is because customers have access to a range of different kind smartphones that are able to run Android. Also, these devices are typically more affordable than iOS devices, plus when they switches hardware they don't need to learning a new operating system.

Apple, on the other hand, is also trying to lure Android users switch to iOS. For instance, an app that is available on Google Play Store aims to make transitioning simple, and has launched several "Switch" ads campaign on Youtube. CEO Tim Cook also reports that they sees higher Android switch rates.

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