Apple Updated Its Branding For MFi Licensing Program With Made For iPod/iPhone/iPad” To “Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod"

According to the Chargerlab's report that Apple has updated its Made-for-iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) licensing program which accessories manufacturers will have to adopt over months to come. And the new branding is now available for MFi partners.

Image Credit ChargeLab

The new icon that signifying universal iOS compatibility is being replaced by "iPod, iPhone, iPad” to “iPhone, iPad, and iPod.” Which is make sense as Apple has signified the iPhone’s growth and importance in the lineup since the original logo was introduced.

According to an inside informer, Apple announced the packaging and MFi logo changes to their already certified manufactures on February 9th. Now, the manufactures will have 90 days to update their packagings and MFi logos. There are relevant guidelines available to download from the MFi portal: Marketing Materials-MFi Identity Guidelines February 2018.pdf to help assist with all the changes

Manufacturers will have 90 days to update packaging with the new graphics. The new logos will also be used for products coming out of the MFi program that isn't a huge change from the previous branding. MFi program is a program that if an accessory has approved for iOS devices by Apple.

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