Apple Again Rumored To Introduce An iPhone With Triple-Lens Rear Camera Next Year

Apple's next year iPhones would use post-imposed 3D sensing modules to enables Augmented Reality features. Among them, time-of-flight (ToF) is the main sensing technology. However, according to Deutsche Securities latest report, they believe that Apple will replace ToF technology with the triple-lens rear camera...

Jialin Lu, Deutsche Securities's technology industry analyst said even though market predicts that the iPhone will use the so-called ToF method, but after his visit in Taiwan supply chains, he concluded that Apple will use triple-lens rear camera system instead, which includes two camera lenses that use stereoscopic vision technology and a Tele lens to enhance Zoom.

Interestingly, analysts at the Research Department of Merrill Lynch Taiwan, think that the iPhone 3D sensing module is more likely to use ToF next year, but he does not rule out upgrading to triple-lens as a way to enhance the zoom.

Earlier this year, Yuanda Investment analysts also claimed that next year’s iPhones would be featured a triple-lens rear camera led by a 12-megapixel lens in 2019. Hon Hai and Largan Precision will supply the triple camera lens.

Via Economic Daily News

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