Spigen Launched New iPhone X Cases That Take Design Cues From Original iMac And iPhone

Accessories maker Spigen has launched a series of new cases that's designed for the iPhone X. Inspired by the design cues of the original iMac and original iPhone, it sure restored Apple's reputation and a throwback to the classic Apple Products.

The Classic C1 cases featured with iMac-style chip and battery designs, just a slightly thicker than an iPhone X fitted with the Apple leather case. The inner shell is paired with a two pieces of outer shell made of translucent plastic that snaps directly into the iPhone. Not only that, it also It provides solid protection when it faces mild drops, scratches, and other damage. 

Compared to C1, the OG cases offer a simple silver and black design, the iPhone X will be much look alike to the first iPhone. Though it's simpler than C1, with only one layer simply constructed design, it will be ideal for those who want a sleek design.

C1 cases are available in colors like Bondi Blue, Ruby, Sage, and Graphite, as for OG style, there is only one color available right now, but Spigen plans to add more colors in the future. At present. both C1 and OG are priced at $35 for Super early bird buckers on their Indiegogo campaign, it's expected that it will be start to shipping around June.

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