How To Reduce "System" Storage Size On A Mac

I'm sure you are not the only one noticed that the “System” storage section on your Mac is occasionally quite large and can take up a notable amount of storage capacity, sometimes it can even take it up to 2/3 of your storage space! So is there is any proper way to clean up all of these junk stuff caused by Time Machine Backups? Here's how to do that.

  1. Open Terminal on your Mac
  2. Type sudo tmutil listlocalsnapshots /
  3. Once you hit enter, it will show all the local snapshots that are consuming the storage
  4. For example:
  5. To delete that snapshot, type tmutil deletelocalsnapshots 2018-07-07-113254
  6. And you can use the command to delete all of the snapshots
With the tip, you can free up as many as GBs of space. Of course, you can also disable Time Machine backup to stop using the storage. However, it will not make it fairly simple to restore from a backup in the event something goes wrong, whether you need to restore files, or even if you need to restore the entire macOS installation.

Image Via MacRumors Forums

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