TrendForce: LCD iPhone To Have Face ID And Dual-SIM For $699, Two OLED iPhones To Include Apple Pencil And 512 GB Storage

Market research firm TrendForce's latest research report indicates that Apple's three new iPhones, all of which will have Face ID feature, two of them are implemented with AMOLED screens, and Apple will introduce the new Apple Pencil as an option.

The 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will have Face ID feature, dual-SIM, and a larger screen than the iPhone 8 Plus. It would account for 50% production share that Cupertino plans to build, and the price will be in the range of $699 to $749.

Two high-end AMOLED models will come with 4GB of memory, support for Apple Pencil, and a 512 GB of storage, of which the 5.8-inch version will be the successor to the iPhone X, and priced at $899 - 949. Apple has locked the 6.5-inch AMOLED model into the high-end business market, offering a larger screen and a dual-SIM option in some regions, its starting price of $999.

Apple's suppliers have assembled two high-end AMOLED iPhones since the end of July. The LCD model will begin mass production in mid-September. Apple will begin shipping all three iPhones in September and October. The company may also adjust the pricing strategy of the iPhone in the Chinese market, as it faces competition from the local brands.

The report estimates Apple will produce 83 million to 88 million units. The proportion of revenues get from the new iPhone to the company will be higher than last year. It expects iPhone sales to be flat or slightly up 2 to 3% from previous years, mainly affected by the saturation of the global smartphone market and the extension of the replacement cycle.

Image Via TrendForce

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