Apple Unveils New Mac Mini With Space Gray Finish, 4 Or 6-Core Intel Processor, Up To 64GB RAM, And More

Apple today unveiled the new Mac mini, which features a deep-Space Gray color finish that looks so stunning in Brooklyn New York. Like the new MacBook Air, the Mac mini also rises its price point, it starts at $799 for the 8GB of RAM, a 3.6GHz Intel quad-core Core i3 processor, as well as a 128GB of storage. You can now place orders for the new Mac mini, with availability from next week, November 7 with in-store pick up.

The Mac mini supports Intel's 4 and 6-core eighth-generation CPUs, up to five times faster than previous Mac minis. It comes with 64GB of RAM. The SSD has a maximum of 2TB, which is 4 times faster than the previous Mac mini, it also include 4 USB-C ports, plus the T2 chip features an SSD controller with on-the-fly data encryption, offers more secure space.
"Mac mini is loved by customers for its ability to be used in incredibly diverse environments — from casual desktop use, to live professional performances, to multiple Mac mini computers powering through video renderings and compiling software code, to racks of thousands in giant app build farms — anywhere a small-but-mighty Mac is needed to get the job done," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.
Cook said that the Mac mini is a Mac product that many users enjoys, and the new generation of Mac mini is the biggest update, a small but very powerful Mac computer product, not as simple as a "small computer." but rather more towards to pro level, you even stack mini together and build it into a data center for a company.

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