Siri On HomePod Correctly Answered 74% Of Queries, Surpasses Alexa And Cortana

Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster recently tested the voice assistant accuracy of four smart speakers. The four voice assistants are Alexa on Amazon Echo, Siri on HomePod, Google Assistant on Google Home mini, and Microsoft's Cortana. Each speaker were given the same 800 questions and is divided into 5 categories, including local, commerce, navigation, information, and commands. The result was somewhat surprising...

Siri on HomePod correctly answered 74% of the questions. In December last year, HomePod's success rate was only 52.3%, the increase was rather sizable. However, Siri is still lags behind compares to Google Assistant, which has an success rate of 87.9%, while Alexa's correctly answered 72.5% quires, and the last place were taken by Microsoft's Cortana, which only answered 62.3% correctly.

Munster believes that because a series of software updates in recent months have enabled the speaker to make and receive calls, schedule calendar events, set up multiple timers, and search Songs via lyrics, and all these makes HomePod becomes more versatile and assistants become more capable, the analyst will continue testing it to remain exhaustive.

Finally, Munster claims that HomePod and Google Assistant are neck and neck when it comes to queries on local and navigation due to the fact that they both properly uses its own Map data. Yet, Siri on HomePod is limited in comparison to Siri on iPhone, probably because Apple is not positioning it as the "Smart Speaker", but rather a Home speaker with just Siri on board.
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