Analyst: Apple To Add USB-C Port, Smaller Notch, And Touch ID Under The Display On 2019 iPhones

According to Jean Baptiste Su, vice president and principal analyst at the consulting firm Atherton Research, there is at least one 2019 iPhone that will support the USB-C port, will be featured with smaller Notch, and the to include Touch ID under the display. (Via Forbes)

Su's credibility is considerably low, in recent years, his many speculations that have not become a reality, so how likely is Su's speculation to become a reality? Well, the Touch ID under the display resembles to be tough to become a reality, after all, Apple has massively promoted that Face ID is far more secure than the fingerprint recognition tech, plus this year's iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR all support Face ID.

Move into the support for USB-C port, for many years, people think that Apple iOS devices will not switch to the USB-C port, but the iPad Pro released in 2018 certainly indicate that they are wrong, with the Mac and iPad Pro product lineup has fully embraced the USB-C, it is only matters of time before Apple adding the feature to the iPhone, which could most likely happen on this year's iPhones.

As for smaller Notch, rumors did suggest that Apple plans to make the notch smaller somehow, or even hidden under the screen, not by the power of wallpaper, a patent application reveals. Moreover, reducing the size of the notch has become the most demanding feature among Apple users. Therefore, it is possible that a smaller notch could be introduced on 2019 iPhone models.

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