Apple Adds New Confirmation Step For App Subscriptions To Prevent Accidental Payments

In order to prevent users from accidentally paying for App subscription fees, Apple has imposed an extra confirmation step for the App Store's paid subscription feature. This small but much-appreciated feature was first spotted by the app developer David Barnard this afternoon.

Now if the user downloads a subscription-based app or clicks on the subscription option in an app, a warning window pops up before the payment is confirmed by Face ID or Touch ID, allowing the user to reconfirm whether or not to agree to subscribe and prompt the user "the subscription will continue unless canceled in the Settings app at least one day before a subscription period end."

The addition of this mechanism can eliminate the behavior that some developers will often use to trick users into subscribing or deliberately obscuring subscription fees. And, it will be even more helpful for iPhone users who are still using Touch ID, as iPhones with Touch ID usually causes more unexpected payments than the one with Face ID, because when putting a finger on the Home button, it proceeds.

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