Majority Of iPhone Users Hopes To Get Better Battery Life, While Only 10% Dislikes Notch

Various rumors have revealed the next generation of iPhones' most features, though the naming aspect has not yet been determined, it is likely to be called iPhone XS and iPhone 9. The new iPhone event will be held on September 12th. And now. USA Today conducted a survey that allowing everyone to choose the most anticipated iPhone features.

iPhone X with Notch was most criticized after it was released, then began to reverse, the Android camp began a variety of imitation, and some directly copied the iPhone X design. According to the survey, less than 10% of users want to remove the Notch. 75% of users said they wish to increase battery life, though each iPhone has different technological advances, battery life has not improved after all.

On the iPhone X, in order to get better battery life, Apple adopted a two-part L-type battery design. As for this year's models, battery life will not improve significantly for iPhone Xs, but perhaps the 6.5-inch iPhone Xs Plus may have some small improvements.

Ranked at second, users expected iPhones to be more durable. Though Corning has just released the sixth generation of Gorilla Glass, which is very likely to be adopted on the iPhone, however, there is no way that the screen will not be broken, it's a glass, so what do you expect?

Image Via Cult of Mac

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