WWDC 19 Convention Center Gets Finishing Touches

Images via Macrumors
Apple is finalizing the decorations for this year’s WWDC event. They adorned the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, transit stops and light poles with neon elements atop a midnight blue colored wallpaper.

The front entrance of the convention center is entirely painted in a dark blue background, with a robot Animoji exploding with emojis, software, and coding symbols. Two neon words depicting of the WWDC nickname “Dub Dub” is placed in between the symbols.

Next, the pillars on the downtown San Jose public transit stations and light pole flags have the neon symbols printed with the WWDC 19 lettering in the SF Monospaced font. Some people believed that the vast neon facade on the convention center’s front entrance might come with lightning behind the display, making it look like a real neon sign. But this only happens when you drive by the convention center at night.

Thus far, WWDC is only a weekend away and Apple is nearly done with setting up the venue. We already see WWDC promotional designs pop up around the streets of downtown San José and near the convention center. We will also be providing coverage about WWDC throughout the week as well.

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