Apple TV+ Reportedly To Supports Online Viewing, But With Some Restrictions

Based on the code references in the current beta version of macOS Catalina, Apple may permit users to download Apple TV+ videos for offline viewing, reports MacRumors. Apple TV+ is the iPhone maker's new video streaming service.

However, there may be some restrictions on the number of downloads, that is, the number of downloads that can be downloaded per episode, or the total number of downloads. For instance, when a user attempts to download the same film on various devices, the Apple TV app will notify: "To download this episode of' For All Mankind,' delete it from another device and try again."

If the user reaches the download limit, the message "You have reached the download limit" will be displayed. Finally, Apple will also restrict the number of devices that can be viewed simultaneously online, meaning that if you want to stream a certain video, you will need to stop viewing it on another device, the same as other streaming services.

Apple TV+ will be available in November for $9.99 a month. Apple has invested more than $6 billion in this project.

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