Adobe Planning "Illustrator For iPad" Launch After The Debut Of Photoshop

Adobe is planning to launch the iPad version of Photoshop CC at the Max Creative Conference in October this year. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, The software company is also likely to announce the plan for the Illustrator for iPad at the same time, and should be available for customer in 2020.

If nothing else, Illustrator for iPad should be similar to the iPad version of Photoshop CC, with the same features as the desktop version, and mobile compatible.

However, Photoshop CC for iPad beta testers found that the software is "incomplete" compared to what Adobe promised last year, and some key features are missing or limited (such as filters, pens, tools, custom brush libraries, vector drawings, color switches, RAW editing, smart objects, layer styles, and options for creating masks). The overall experience is not even as solid as other creative software on iOS (such as Affinity or Procreate).

Daring Fireball, on the other side, claims that the Photoshop for ‌iPad‌ is real, as it is using the same code as the desktop version. Although he admitted Photoshop for iPad‌ is not full, the initial release was never planned to be, simply due to the fact that it only exposes a subset of features from the desktop version.

Furthermore, Daring Fireball believes that Adobe is putting into a full effort on the creative software:
The team of engineers working on it has grown significantly from a year ago, and they have plans to add features iteratively on an aggressive schedule. It's reasonable to be disappointed that it isn't further along feature-count-wise, but anyone who cares about Photoshop for ‌iPad‌ as a long-term product should be very excited about its foundation, direction, and the attention Adobe is paying to the fine details of a touch-first Photoshop UI.
In a statement to Bloomberg, Adobe acknowledged that the full version of Photoshop CC for iPad would miss some important features," but said that they would be added in the future. And if there really is a project for the iPad Illustrator, one can only hope Adobe will keep up the pace.

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