Apple Shares Touching Holiday-Themed Ad "The Surprise"

Apple today shared a holiday-themed ad to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving. This has become a tradition, and at this time every year, Apple advertises a holiday-themed advertisement.

This video somehow shed tears, narrating a story about a family traveling to a grandpa's house with two rather boisterous children. The two kids kept squealing until they got an iPad and started watching inaudibly. In the end, they arrived at the grandpa's home, but the grandpa was still having a hard time in the loss of his beloved wife. The two girls were inspired to check through the old family photos and used the iPad and Apple Pencil to make slideshows and presenting it as a holiday gift to their grandfather.

The ad showcases multiple iPad features such as creating and presenting slideshows with Keynote.

Another implication is that the background music for this advertisement is Michael Giacchino's song "Married Life," which was used in Disney Pixar's classic film "Up." Pixar is a Computer Animation Studio founded by Jobs, and the film is simply about an old fella who remembers the love and past stories when his wife passed away. It coincides with the scene in this commercial.

The final motto was: "Sometimes the best gifts come from the most unexpected places."

There is no plot to market the product in the whole commercial, as in the past. It's attempting to make people feel sore and think about their own family. Apple has created several similar ads, the most famous presumably in 2014, when the iPhone 5s ad "Misunderstanding" won the 2014 Emmy Awards.

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