Apple Adds New Accessories To Its Online Store; Anker Debuts First MFi Flash

Over the past few days, Apple has updated its online store with accessories such as AirPods Pro cases and Sonos One SL wireless speakers, while Anker announced the first Made for iPhone certified LED flash accessory that supports iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Apple is currently selling the AirPods Pro case from Incase‒made of exclusive Woolenex material for $30. The company is also selling waterproof AirPods Pro cases from Catalyst for $30.

In addition to two new AirPods Pro cases, Apple also distributes Sonos One SL wireless speakers. Sonos One SL supports AirPlay 2 and can work with other speakers that support AirPlay2, such as Apple's own HomePod. Sonos One SL. You can get it for $180 on the Apple Online Store.

As for Anker''s MFi LED flash accessory, which connects to the iPhone via a lightning connector for $49.99, so when it is connected to your iPhone, it recognizes it directly and can use it in your default camera or third-party apps. 10,000 flashes per charge. Compared to the iPhone's built-in flash, the one from Anker has that flash range doubled and brightness is multiplied four times.

Despite there were several flash gadgets on the market already, Anker's new flash option is the first Made for ‌iPhone‌ flash accessory that's been designed. Therefore, it is expected that more accessories makers will follow suit.

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