ANIMAIONIC Is Exactly What You Need To Make The Mac Mini Powerful Again

If you believe the Mac Mini's built-in GPU is not powerful enough, then you might consider crowdfunding the ANIMAIONIC docking station on Kickstarter. Not only can it accommodate two independent graphics cards, but it also fits perfectly into the Mac Mini. While improving graphics performance, Animaionic also offers options such as storage expansion (with solid-state drive).
ANIMAIONIC is a docking station for two graphic cards and four SSD drives with a built-in SD card reader – all enclosed in a small and high quality, aluminium box visually matching a Mac Mini design. It has been created exclusively for the purpose of expanding the Mac Mini, taking this great little machine to a much higher level, transforming it into a compact yet powerful macOS workstation.
The biggest highlight of the ANIMAIONIC docking station is that it can faultlessly implement into the Mac Mini, making the whole machine resemble a large desktop. Furthermore, users may take advantage of the built-in SD card reader and install four M.2 SSDs (up to 8TB capacity).

The development team claims that when paired with a dual-channel Radeon RX Vega 56 alone, the ANIMAIONIC docking station can provide higher graphics performance for commonly used programs, such as 8 times the Geekbench score and 25 times the DaVinci Resolve Video editing experience.

In a statement, ANIMAIONIC explained the reason as to why they create the project in the first place, describing that because of Mac Mini features Intel integrated graphic chip and limited storage which cannot be upgraded, plus it is not good enough for more demanding tasks, it ultimately leads them to instead created the Animaionic.

Subject to the successful million-dollar fundraising goal, ANIMAIONIC will begin shipping in May 2020. Super Early Bird backers receive a special discount of $900. There are sixteen days to go before it closes.

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