CES 2020: Razer Launches Kishi Gaming Controllers For iOS And Android

Razer today launched the Kishi Mobile Gaming Controllers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, compatible with most iPhones and Android phones.

The new gamepad is called Razer Kishi that connects directly to the smartphone via a USB-C (Android) or Lightning connector (iOS). Technically speaking, connecting directly into the phone means that the device should have very low latency and that, if using Android, it can be used with cloud gaming platforms such as xCloud or Stadia.

Plugging straight into the device also means that Kishi only needs to use the power of a smartphone, or simply put, it doesn't demand a battery. And, if you want to charge your phone during gaming, Kishi has a direct charging port that allows you to charge your device without the need of take the game controller off it.

The handle itself has a typical button layout with two thumbsticks, a direction key, ABXY buttons, and a shoulder trigger button. According to Razer, Kishi will be compatible with games that support Android controllers and all iOS games that are compatible with MFi controllers.

Razer said that Kishi will be available in early 2020 and has not yet made its price public, but its pricing will be similar to Junglecat, which costs $100, and the Android version may even cost marginally less than the iOS one.

Image Via Pocket-lint

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