Apple Uploads “Creativity Goes On” Advertisement with Virtual Today at Apple Sessions and Resources

Apple released an advertisement of iPhone, iPad and Mac users showing respect, kindness and positivity during the difficult coronavirus outbreak. The company also released three virtual, prerecorded sessions of Today at Apple sessions pertained to digital photography and arts, with more videos to be uploaded in the coming weeks. The focus of Apple’s ambition to the global shelter-in-place, stay at home and lockdowns orders outside China is to motivate all of the Mac, iPad and iPhone users to be creative with their Apple products while spending their time at home.

In the advertisement Apple posted on YouTube and on TV programmes this morning, the Cupertino company showcased pictures and short video clips of Mac and iOS users young and old, drawing, creating, playing, working and teaching with Macs and iOS devices. It also has behinds the scenes shots and clips from Oprah’s live-streams and John Krasinski’s Some Good News show from YouTube. There are clips of people making music and working out with their MacBooks in their homes, children playing around and making rainbows in their windows, and Apple users live-streaming and using FaceTime with friends and family.

The description from Apple explains why creativity is a significant part of every iPad, iPhone and Mac user. The Cupertino company said:
“We have always believed deeply in the power of creativity. Now, more than ever, we’re inspired by people in every corner of the world finding new ways to share their creativity, ingenuity, humanity and hope.”
Apple also encourages users to take part in impeding their boredom by taking photo walks and snapshotting around their neighbourhoods during this challenging time, draw and edit photos and videos on the iPad and find many creative ways to do around the home. The video description highlighted useful resources for distance learning with iOS devices and Macs, an activity page of iOS creativity tips for young children, a webpage for virtual Today at Apple sessions and free trials for Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X.

In addition to the Apple Store closures in the US being extended until early May due to the comprehensive social distancing guidance from the White House, with other stores outside China reopening around this time in April, the Creative Pros from Apple Stores took the initiative of remote working to teach other iPhone and iPad users digital art and photography. The videos are currently only available for the American Apple website, but it will be updated and appear on other countries’ websites once the Creatives from Apple Store locations worldwide take their part of working from home with their own videos.

Currently, there are three videos on the webpage. One includes Harriet from Apple Regent Street in London demonstrating iPad users to use iOS 13 markup to draw fun effects on photos, which she also gives an introduction of the markup tools and how to take a self-portrait on iPad. The other two videos are correlating to iPhone photography, one with Cameron from Singapore’s Apple Orchard Road advising iPhone users of taking artful pictures of their homes and Adrian from Santa Monica’s Apple Third Street Promenade showcasing the details of iPhone portrait photography. More videos will roll out in a later time.

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