Apple Re-Releasing App Updates, Hoping To Fix iOS 13 Family Sharing Bug

It was reported last week that a bug present on iOS 13 may prevent some iOS users from opening apps. The affected iPhone and iPad users will see the message "This app is no longer shared with you" when they try to access the app. Now, Apple is re-releasing updates for many apps, hoping to resolve the bug.

9to5Mac suggests that this was a problem with Apple's end, rather than a problem with the app itself.
In what was likely a cryptographic signing issue, the symptom was that the phone would show a Family Sharing dialog as if the app was paid and the right to use the app had been removed, as if the account had been removed from the iCloud family circle.
Apple, yet, fixed the bug by issuing updates to apps, it effectively uninstalls and reinstalls the relevant parts of those apps' binaries that caused the certificate signing issues and made the error to go away.

If you have experienced the Family Sharing bug, it might be best for you to reinstall those apps.

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