Leaker Outlines Apple's ARM-Based Mac Roadmap; 12-Inch MacBook The Next Step

Twitter user @choco_bit, otherwise known as "Fudge", in a Reddit post, said that Apple has been using several methods to pave the way for ARM-based Macs. The process began in 2016 when the MacBook Pro included the T1 coprocessor, and later, the company updated to the T2 coprocessor.

Apple's T-series chips are based on ARM and designed by Apple, they manage important security and controller features, and plays a critical role in the transition to devices powered entirely by ARM chips.

Apple has been working laboriously to unify iOS and macOS through its Mac Catalyst project. The company has not been able to merge iOS and macOS, but its aim is to build a system that allows developers to create an app that runs on all platforms, surely, a custom ARM-based chip will further advance this intention.

There are 4 distinct stages in the ARM transition. Stage 1 is when Apple introduced computers with Apple’s T1 chip as a coprocessor. Stage 2, on the other hand, entails the rollout of Macs with the T2 coprocessor, replacing the T1. While Stage 3 will see Apple launches the first version of at least one fully ARM-powered Mac into Apple’s computer lineup. And you have guessed it, Stage 4 is when all Macs have transitioned fully to ARM.

Fudge suggests that we are currently in the midst of Stage 2 to Stage 3 of transferring to ARM chips.

Quoting supply chain sources, the leaker believes that Apple will revive its now-discontinued (12-inch) MacBook. The new 12-inch model will be the first ARM-based Mac product, it could be announced at WWDC later this month, or well into next year.
Right now, we are in the final steps of Stage 2. There are strong signs that a MacBook (12”) with an ARM main processor will be announced this year at WWDC (“One more thing...”), at a Fall 2020 event, Q1 2021 event, or WWDC 2021. Based on the lack of a more concrete answer, WWDC2020 will likely not see it, but I am open to being wrong here.
Indications have hinted that Apple is developing ARM processors based on A14x. It has 8 to 12 cores and is designed for Mac computing devices.

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