Swift Student Challenge Winners Begin To Receive WWDC20 Jacket And Pin Set

Apple yesterday announced winners of its Swift Student Challenge ahead of WWDC 2020 next week, and today, some of those winners have begun sharing photos of the jacket and pins on social media.

This year, there are 350 winners in total from 41 countries and regions, Apple highlighted some of the winners on its Newsroom website and three other winners in an App Store story. Developers should be able to find out if they have won the Challenge by signing in to the Challenge website with the Apple ID they supplied to submit their application.

Unlike previous years that the winners would have received free admission and accommodations for WWDC, but since this year's event is being held virtually, so winners will instead receive a jacket, as well as pins of various emoji and Apple iconography.

Winners will also be giving free access to one-on-one developer labs with Apple engineers next week, while others will have to register for an Apple Developer Program membership to attend the event.

WWDC 2020 will be kicking off next Monday start with a virtual Keynote.

Image Via @ChainReactGames

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