Apple Exploring How To Prevent Objects From Hitting You When Immersed In A VR Environment

Apple is doing research on a system that will notify users of objects in reality when they are immersed in a virtual reality environment, according to a patent by the Cupertino, California-based technology firm.

Rumors have it the technology giant is developing various virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) systems, including mixed reality (MR) "Apple Glass" headsets. Though AR devices do not block the user's line of sight, this is not the case for VR headsets or experiences.

Apple has proposed a solution. In a patent application entitled "Detecting Physical Boundaries" published on Thursday, the iPhone maker detailed a system that can help VR users avoid hitting objects in their real environment.

As the company pointed out, VR gadgets can completely immerse users in a simulated environment. This will make it difficult for them to see or notice objects in the actual real world.

One challenge in computer-simulated reality is that when interacting with virtual objects displayed on a head-mounted device, the user may be immersed in the virtual reality environment to the extent that he or she loses consciousness of physical obstacles and/or boundaries. The head-mounted device may be opaque in some instances and will cover the user's eyes. Therefore, the user may not be able to see the environment around them.

To prevent collisions with real-world objects, the VR system will evaluate the distance between itself and the target.

While most of Apple 's efforts are based on AR and mixed reality on platforms such as ARKit, some reports say that Apple may still be implementing a strict VR program.

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