As the clock ticks down to 2018, in some timezone, Apple Watch useers are discovering a new easter egg to celebrate the New Year on their wrists. When the clock strikes twelve, the Apple Watch watch face lights up with animated fireworks.

Just wait until the clock strikes 00:00 tonight and look at your watch to see the fireworks on your watch face; the animation will play over the top of any face when you raise your wrist. If you want To watch the fireworks play again, tap the Happy New Year notification in the Notification Center.

As for Apple's year in review, the tech-giant did much more than rake in more cash than any company this year. They also pushed out its petty damm good product lineup ever, laid the groundwork for the future of augmented reality, moved into a new spaceship campus, battled other tech giants and release the best iPhone in its history - iPhone X.

What do you think of Apple's 2017? Was the company killed this year, or were there misses? What was your top product for 2017? Happy New Year everyone!

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Developer Jonathan Levin recently released an iOS 11 jailbreak tool, dubbed LiberiOS. It's capable of jailbreaking iOS 11.0.x all the way up to iOS 11.1.2. And the initial release is intended for more advanced users only, as it does not yet bundle Cydia, because Saurik needs to update the app so it can be support iOS 11.

Ian Beer of Google’s project zero is the man behind this jailbreak breakthrough. It is this legacy that has been taken forward by people like Jonathan Levin who then produce the jailbreak and make it available to the public. Since we know the man behind the idea, so let's jump into the tutorial of the jailbreak tool.
  1. Connect your iOS devices to your PC or Mac, once it's connected, make sure to back up in case there's an error during the jailbreak.
  2. Once the backup is ready, launch Cydia Impactor on your computer and then drag the LiberiOS jailbreak IPA file into the interface.
  3. Enter your Apple ID credentials and wait for Cydia Impactor to sideload the signed app on your connected device.
  4. After the sideload is completed, go to Settings - General - Profile(s) & Device Managemen, and click the profile allied with the jailbreak app, and tap on trust this app.
  5. Return to the Home screen where you installed the LiberiOS app launch it, tap the Do It button in the center of the app and wait. After that, it will appear a screen which shows the jailbreak was successful.
It's worth to note that this jailbreak is semi-untethered, which means you will have to put your device on jailbreak mode every time you reboot. Also, the jailbreak app will expire after a week after that you will have to resign and re-sideload it. Happy jailbreaking and Happy New Year!

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Apple is making its reduced $29 battery replacements available immediately for iPhone 6 and all newer models. Originally, the company said it would start the lower-priced iPhone battery replacements in late January in a letter to customers, and confirmed immediate availability in a statement to TechCrunch.

While confirming the smart move, Apple also issued a statement this morning saying that while supplies may be limited at first, it is “happy” to offer the lower priced replacements right away. The Cupertino headquartered company says it expected to need the month of January to ramp supply and prepare for the onslaught of requests from users.

We expected to need more time to be ready, but we are happy to offer our customers the lower pricing right away. Initial supplies of some replacement batteries may be limited.

Apple normally charges $79 for out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacements, but it has reduced the price by $50 following they admitted to slow performance of older iPhone models with degraded batteries to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

Thus, if you have an iPhone 6 or later and feel you need a battery replacement right away, you can try your luck at your local Apple Store today. We’d recommend making a Genius Bar appointment as well as calling ahead to check on the supply of the battery for your specific device, though.

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The iPhone has been named the best-selling tech product of the year by analyst Daniel Ives of GBH Insights (via USA Today). Apple’s popular handset outsold Samsung’s Galaxy devices and all other consumer electronics in 2017, and it wasn’t even close.

The company's smartphone achieved the same ranking in 2016, and Ives said that Apple will sell a total of 223 million iPhones in 2017, increasing from 211 million sold in 2016. Apple's biggest competitor - Samsung, on the other hand, sold 33 million of Galaxy S8 & Note 8 units during the last 12 months.

It's worth to noting here that the rankings include all models of iPhone grouped together, it explaining why the gap is so large between Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Note 8. Followed by the iPhone and Samsung smartphones is the Amazon Echo Dot speaker (24 million), Apple Watch (20 million), and Nintendo Switch (15 million).

It's been a very special year for Apple, with the Cupertino firm this fall released 3 new models of the hit smartphone—including one with a $1,000 starting price tag, but for reasons, customers willing to buy the older iPhone models rather than the newest one.

Ives expects Apple to sell even more iPhones next year, helped in part by a refresh of the compact SE in the spring and a slew of upgrades. Out of the billion-plus consumer base of the iPhone, the analyst believes “350 million of them will upgrade next year.”

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According to the latest estimates from Counterpoint research show that Apple continues to dominate the global smartphone profits in the third quarter of 2017. Even though Apple’s share of the profits has fallen from 86 percent from the previous quarter, but it still has a respectable 59.8 percent in the third quarter of 2017.

Why did this happen? The agency analysis that may be due to weak sales of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X series in the third quarter, while older models with lower profit such as the iPhone 7 sold well, resulting in a fall for Apple's consolidated profits.

The decline will certainly lead to the rise,  the research shows that Samsung is the third-quarter winner, Galaxy Note 8 performance is super strong, Samsung's profit share reached 26%. It' worth mentioning that, in 2016 Samsung suffered Note 7 battery gate, the profit share has fallen to a meager 0.1%.

Other Android vendors also performed well in Q3 2017. The Chinese smartphone makers Huawei, OPPO, and Vivo accounted for 4.9%, 4%, and 3.1% of the profits respectively, something that has never happened before.

In the past, Samsung and Apple dominated the smartphone market, with Apple accounted for more than 95% of the profits, and its annual profit reached over 80%. While Samsung's shipments much higher than all rivals, so that other manufacturers only can earn 1% of the industry profits.

But now it seems all major brands have emerged, it is reported that the third quarter of global smartphone shipments reached an unprecedented 400 million, while the top ten manufacturers accounted for 75% of the market share,

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Apple today published an open letter on its website to address customer concerns about an ongoing controversy over power management features in older iPhones. Additionally, the company is also plan to offer cheaper battery replacements, and an update coming to early 2018 which will give users more of visibility into the health of their iPhone's battery.

In the letter, Apple apologizes for the misinformation that's been spread and says that it would never "intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product, or to degrade the user experience to drive customer upgrades."

First and foremost, we have never — and would never — do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product, or degrade the user experience to drive customer upgrades. Our goal has always been to create products that our customers love, and making iPhones last as long as possible is an important part of that.

At issue is the power management feature which was initially introduced in iOS 10.2.1 in the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s, which was implemented to prevent unexpected shutdowns due to high power draw peaks. Apple's lack of clarity of the feature has led to a number of lawsuits being filed in recent days claiming that Apple is purposefully slowing down older iPhones.

Apple says these power management features are implemented in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus, and will be added to future iPhones as required. They kick in when the battery begins to degrade and can be fixed with a new battery.

To fix this, the Cupertino tech-giant will reduce the cost of iPhone battery replacements for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later from $79 to $29. The price drop is temporary and will begin in late January and run through the end of 2018. More details will be available soon. They also plan to release a new version of iOS in 2018 that offers users more insight into their battery’s health.

Apple is reducing the price of an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement by $50 — from $79 to $29 — for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced, starting in late January and available worldwide through December 2018. Details will be provided soon on

Apple says its team is also always working on ways to make the user experience better, including how performance is managed to avoid unexpected shutdowns as batteries age. The full letter can be found here. They also published a new support document entitled “iPhone Battery and Performance.”

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In fiscal 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook received a salary of $3.06 million plus $9.33 million in bonuses and stock worth $89.2 million for a total compensation package of approximately $102 million. As noted by Bloomberg, Tim Cook ended the year as a big winner, netting a 74 percent bonus thanks to the company’s strong performance this year.

The data was shared recently by Apple in a proxy statement filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission ahead of the Cupertino firm's annual shareholders meeting, which will take place on February 13, 2018.

Executive officers at Apple, which includes CFO Luca Maestri, retail VP Angela Ahrendts, hardware technologies VP Johny Srouji, hardware engineering VP Dan Riccio, and former general counsel Bruce Sewell each received bonuses of $3.11 million, for approximately $24.2 million each.

Another interesting detail from Apple’s proxy statement filling is that Tim Cook is now required to fly on private aircraft "for all business and personal travel." The flight policy was implemented in 2017 "in the interests of security and efficiency" based on Cook's "highly visible" role as CEO.

Cook's personal air travel expenses amounted to $93,109 in 2017, as considered extra compensation and taxable. Furthermore, the filing says that Apple spent an additional $224,216 in personal security costs provided to Cook.

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According to the New York Times' latest report, Apple is still in the development of a non-invasive glucose monitoring, so it won't be implemented quickly in the Apple Watch, users may have to wait a few years.

Apple has a long history interested in this technology, the source says this can be traced back to Steve Jobs era. The co-founder of Apple approved a research project at the last minute of his life because he did not like to take a blood glucose test by drawing blood from his fingers. Jobs is also fighting diabetes in the fight against cancer.

Separately, Apple is continuing research on a noninvasive continuous glucose reader, according to two people with knowledge of the project. The technology is still considered to be years away, industry experts said.

Tim Cook was spotted around Apple’s campus in the summer, wearing a non-invasive glucose tracker prototype on his body. According to CNBC, he was testing the prototype accessory to understand how his blood sugar responded to factors like food and exercise.\

The timeline news comes less than a week after Bloomberg published details on a future version of the Apple Watch that may include a built-in EKG reader. Apple Watch currently works with a third party EKG smart band that’s sold separately and it requires a monthly subscription which has been FDA-approved.

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According to new data shared today by Yahoo-owned mobile analytics firm Flurry, Apple continued to tops with new device activations during the week leading up to Christmas Day. Both iPhones and iPads made up 44% of devices measured by Flurry from December 19 to December 25 with second seen as Samsung accounted for 26 percent of activations.

While Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, LG, OPPO, and Vivo trailed behind Apple and Samsung with each responsible for 2 to 5 percent of new device activations. More interestingly, Apple also saw the highest number of device activations - 44 percent - during the same time period last year, followed by Samsung at 21 percent.

Similar to last year, 44% of new phone and tablet activations were Apple devices. While Samsung dominates global market share, they fell short as the gift of choice during the holiday season, with only 26% of activated devices in the lead up to Christmas. Samsung's activation rate is up 5% from the 2016 holiday season, which can likely be attributed to the 2017 introduction of the Galaxy S8 after the late 2016 recall of their malfunctioning Note devices.

Apple's older devices saw the highest number of new activations rather than the newer devices. The year-old iPhone 7 accounted for the most activations at 15.1%, followed by the iPhone 6 at 14.9% and brand new iPhone X at 14.7%. The new iPhone 8 as well iPhone 8 Plus models beat out by the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 Plus with an appropriate 8.1% and 8.7% of activations.

To gather its data, Flurry measured smart device activations and app downloads from the more than one million mobile apps that use the Flurry Analytics service. Flurry says it has insight into more than 2.1 billion devices around the world.

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Apple’s $5,000 iMac Pro is the most powerful Mac yet, now hitting stores and arriving for customers today, with a special black Lightning cable isn’t the only surprise for users, the iMac Pro includes a new exclusive macOS desktop wallpaper as seen on the box.

Apple's iMac Pro price labeled at $5,000 and it costs upwards of $13,000 for the most spec would out 18-core builds. At the same time, iMac Pro is also the first desktop Mac to sport a darker space gray aluminum finish and the only way to acquire the black and space gray Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, and Magic Trackpad 2.

As for how to change your Mac wallpaper to the exclusive one, first, you need to save the image, and simply open the Photos app, click the macOS desktop wallpaper image, select Share from the shortcut menu, then choose Set Desktop Picture from the submenu.

The bursting color image is in the same color-bursting realm as some of the image bundled in recent OS releases and the live wallpapers from the iPhone 6s. We would like to thanks for sharing the awesome new wallpaper.

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Ever since Apple has confirmed to slowing down older iPhone models that have degraded batteries, more of more class action lawsuits have been leveled against the company for doing that, and now with the latest class action filing seeking an unbelievable $999 billion payout!

Plaintiffs insisted they had to buy a new iPhone because their old models slowed down due to Apple's "purposeful conduct." Therefore, the filing argues, each of the plaintiffs denied the use, utility and value of their older iPhone. The filings were filed in New York by Raisa Drantivy and her legal team.

Even though the Cupertino firm has admitted to slowing down the CPU when the battery is wearing out to prevent unexpected shutdowns and other problems, the lawsuit still argues that Apple never asked customers whether they preferred to have their iPhone slower than normal.

In the end, I think Apple should have been more upfront with users about why it chose to place battery life over performance and maybe even allow users to make that decision for themselves. But a $999 billion payout for the mistake just too much. Perhaps that’s just an overzealous lawyer looking for a handout from the world’s biggest company.

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According to Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes on Friday, The next outlet for the mobile phone industry should be the 5G technology, and Apple reportedly has begun to preparing a prototype of a next-generation iPhone with preliminary support for pre-5G features,. 

Apple is also rumored to adjust its pricing for iPhone devices in early 2018 and has even started preparing a prototype iPhone with support of pre-5G features.

The technology first proposed by ZTE is used in advance certain key 5G technologies in 4G networks and make them compatible with existing 4G commercial terminals so that users can enjoy the 5G-like experience before the formal 5G commercialization, which it can be understood as 4.5G.

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple to releasing the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED models as well as the 6.1-inch LCD model which will all sport Face ID and support pre-5G technology with significantly faster baseband chips. These chips will be supplied by Qualcomm and Intel with Intel being the primary supplier, for obvious reasons.

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As of latest, Abraham Masri, who the developer behind the success of Saigon jailbreak and Houdini semi-jailbreak, has been pulled off an iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak to.panga, thanks to the async_wake exploit, which released by Google's Ian Beer.

The new iOS jailbreak is based on async_wake and is co-designed by xerub. Its binaries and libraries come from Jonathan Levin and CoolStart, among others. It's currently released for developers only, the public users can expect a full public release in the weeks or months to come once ready.

Based on the comments in the Reddit thread, it seems that some of users were able to use To.panga to jailbreak their iOS device but it hasn’t worked for everyone. So I perform waiting for either John Levin to release the iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak, or wait for To.panga to be more stable.

As for a reason why Masri intended the first release for developers because it allows them to understand what is going on behind the scenes as far as the jailbreak is concerned. In addition, he said he opened it to developers so they could build something more stable and functional based on what is available.

Masri also mentioned that the Cydia is probably not going to work with to.panga due to the structure, as it needs to wait for Cydia creator Jay "Saurik" Freeman to provide updates for the tool down the road. If you want to learn more about iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak to.panga, you can head to its official GitHub page.

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According to a report from The Information, which details Google’s plan to grow its chip development efforts, which in turn is costing Apple some considerable talent. The report explains that Google has hired several key chip engineers from Apple, including the well-regarded Apple chip expert John Bruno.

Bruno has been working on the silicon architecture for iPhones since 2012. Prior to joining Apple and helping it build ARM-based mobile chips, Bruno was working with AMD in charge of the Fusion processors for PCs. Bruno has confirmed the move on his LinkedIn page, where he says he’s working as a System Architect at Google.

Bruno founded and manages Apple's silicon competition analysis team, which tries to keep the company ahead of competitors in terms of chip performance. In the past year, there have been several experienced chip engineers who switched from Apple to Google, including Manu Gulati, Wonjae Choi, and Tayo Fadelu.

These moves indicate that Google is trying to keep up the pace with Apple, which started designing its own chips from 2010. Google said it would sell to other companies what it called the TPU chip, Cloud Tensor Processing Units, which will allow them to reap the benefits from its deep learning tool set, TensorFlow. 

According to Jim McGregor, an analyst at Tirias Research who spoke to The Information said that in fact, Google's first mobile chip may come out soon. The Mountain View-based tech giant can build a versatile SoC chip in six months, McGregor said. All these suggest that Google is making own-branded chips for Google's Pixel smartphones.

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Want to wake up each morning to a freshly brewed pot of coffee and a fully powered-on Mac? Or after using you Mac, you maybe too lazy to shutdown the device. Well, Apple's built in wake, sleep, start up and shut down features right into the Energy Saver system preferences is perfect for users who’s tired of shutdown or power on a Mac.

  1. Type "Energy Saver" in Spotlight and select the Energy Saver system preference.
  2. Simply click on the Schedule button.
  3. Check Start up or wake, then select the specify weekdays, weekends, every day, and time of the day that you'd like your Mac to start up.
  4. You can check the Sleep (Restart or Shut down) menu to specify time to shutdown the Mac as well.
  5. When you're done, click the OK button to save changes.

There's also simple Terminal trick that let you to shutdown your Mac in a specified time, say If you want to shut down your Mac after a certain number of minutes - 45, then type sudo shutdown -h +45 in the command line. If you close the window, shutdown command will be canceled.

It's worth to note that If you have a MacBook, the scheduled startup will only occur when it’s plugged in. This prevents battery drain and ensures your laptop won’t decide to boot up when it’s sitting in a bag somewhere. 

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According to DigiTimes, sources in the semiconductor packaging and testing service industry claim that pre-orders for the iPhone X are not as strong as expected in some markets, such as the US, Taiwan, and Singapore, although supply remains tight in other markets including Japan.

Shipments of the iPhone X are expected to reach between 30-35 million units in the fourth quarter of 2017 and stay flat or drop slightly in the first quarter of 2018, according to the same sources from the upstream supply chain.

While it seems like iPhone X sales not as strong as expected in some markets, but Morgan Stanley says that the iPhone X is proving such a hit in China that it is accelerating the rate at which existing iPhone owners upgrade, and the rate at which Android users switch to iPhone.

“Additional data show that iPhone X adoption in China is on a faster pace than the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus … Despite faster penetration of iPhone X vs. iPhone 8/8 Plus, we believe there remains significant pent-up demand from the base of 2+ year old iPhone owners,” wrote analyst Katy Huberty on Thursday. Huberty explained that nearly half of Apple users in China who have already purchased the iPhone X upgraded from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, leaving a long “runway” of customers with phones older than two years.

Early iPhone X adoption was constrained by tight supply, but availability quite quickly improved as suppliers improved their yield rates. By Monday, there was next-day delivery available in the US on all iPhone X variants. As KGI's Ming-Chi Kuo said that supply increase is due to better-than-expected improvements in production, rather than weak demand.

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Following yesterday's speculation that it slows down older iPhones to help manage batter wear, Apple today has been hit with its first class action lawsuit over the tactic. Filed in Los Angeles, California, the lawsuit accuses Apple’s battery saving “feature” of causing users to suffer and hurting the value of the older device.

Los Angeles residents Stefan Bogdanovich and Dakota Speas, represented by Wilshire Law Firm, this morning filed a lawsuit with the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California accusing Apple of slowing down their older iPhone models when new models come out.

The plaintiff has owned the iPhone 7 and several older iPhone models and have noticed that their "older iPhone models slows down when new models come out." The two did not consent to have Apple slow down their devices, nor were they able to "choose whether they preferred to have their iPhones slower than normal."

While this case seems to be focused primarily on the iPhone 7, recently these devices received battery performance balancing feature through iOS 11.2, which we have to imagine this won’t be the only lawsuit Apple sees because of this feature. In addition, Bogdanovich is seeking damages payments to affected users, and he also wants Apple to stop the practice altogether.

This lawsuit occurred after Apple addressed speculation that it throttles the performance of older iPhones with degraded batteries, confirming that there are power management features in place to attempt to prolong the life of the iPhone and its battery. The firm implemented these features last year in iOS 10.2.1.

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According to well-connect Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, iPhone models released in 2019 and later will likely feature an upgraded TrueDepth camera system that it will consume more power, resulting in a need for larger-capacity batteries. Kuo said Apple has technologies at its disposal to develop larger-capacity batteries.

The analyst unsurprisingly expects Apple will use these technologies to continue increasing iPhone battery capacities in 2019 and 2020, as it routinely does, that should result in even longer battery life for future models. KGI also believes Apple will be able to accommodate larger batteries by minimizing other internals like the processor package

Apple capable of designing new system for large-capacity batteries: We believe the adoption of TrueDepth camera for 3D sensing in 2017-18 will create demand for larger-capacity batteries. From 2019, we predict iPhone may adopt upgraded 3D-sensing and AR-related functions, and it will consume more power, further increasing demand for large-capacity batteries. We believe Apple's key technologies, including semiconductor manufacturing processes, system-in-package (SIP), and substrate-like PCB (SLP), will create the required space for larger batteries.

Kuo recently reported that TrueDepth will be expanded to a trio of iPhone models next year, including a new 5.8-inch iPhone X, a larger 6.5-inch model we're calling iPhone X Plus, and a new 6.1-inch mid-range model with an LCD display, and it sounds like the facial system will remain unchanged in 2018.

KGI previously said the second-generation iPhone X could equip with a one-cell L-shaped battery that would provide up to 10 percent additional capacity compared to the two-cell battery in the current iPhone X, which of course could result in slightly longer battery life. While "iPhone X Plus" will retain a two-cell battery design with battery capacity up to 3400 mAh.

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Now when referred to iPhone X color choices, perhaps we will only think of Space Black and Silver, Many of us have forgotten that in fact in some iPhone X rumors, there is saying that Apple or release a Blush Gold version, but later in the iPhone X event was gone. But today we get update that Apple may launch Blush Gold of the iPhone X early next year!

According to supply chain, Apple will launch the Gold model around the Chinese New Year, and is now enter in full production stage. We know that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are both available in an all-new gold finish, that makes every model since the iPhone 5s has been available in at least one shade of gold, so it's not surprise that iPhone X will have a Gold version.

Back in September, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple may be encountering some production issues with the gold iPhone X, which could explain why Space Gray and Silver will be the only colors at launch. But he did predicted that the gold iPhone X would be available in "extremely low volume" or go on sale at a later date.

Due to component supply constraints, we estimate current production of the OLED iPhone at less than 10k units per day, which means the model will remain in severe short supply for a while. Furthermore, we estimate that the gold version of the OLED iPhone will encounter some production problems and will initially be available only in extremely low volume. There is even a chance that the gold version will go on sale at a later date than the other versions. However, we believe these shipment delays will have a limited impact on the shares of Apple and its supply chain members.

As for the price, regardless of the configuration and price it will be maintain the same as Space Black and Silver models. But have to say that the new color choice will indeed to stimulate sales, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments!

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Apple has now responded to the comment that there's been speculation that the company is throttling the performance of older iPhones with degraded batteries. In a statement to TechCrunch, Apple says they are aiming to smooth out the high power draw peaks that can result in shutdowns and other problems in older devices to "deliver the best experience for customers."

There's nothing Apple can do to prevent from Lithium-ion batteries degrade over time , so it uses power management techniques to attempt to prolong the life of the iPhone and its battery. The Cupertino company says that iPhones with older batteries can sometimes see slower performance, but power management is not a feature that's been implemented to force users to upgrade by deliberately slowing devices.

Now it seems make sense that Apple in iOS 10.2.1 introduced an update to fix a bug that was causing iPhone 6s models to shut down unexpectedly, and a result of the update is it slows down these devices. Apple says this feature has been implemented for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, as well as iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

"Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices. Lithium-ion batteries become less capable of supplying peak current demands when in cold conditions, have a low battery charge or as they age over time, which can result in the device unexpectedly shutting down to protect its electronic components.

Last year we released a feature for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE to smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down during these conditions. We've now extended that feature to iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2, and plan to add support for other products in the future."

According Apple's battery replacement guidelines. The iPhone battery is designed to retain 80% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles. A defective battery that does not meet those parameters can be replaced for free for customers who have AppleCare+ or who have devices still under warranty. As for out of warranty customer, Apple charges $69 plus $6.95 in shipping.

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According to a new report by Bloomberg News, Apple is said to allow developers to create universal apps that work across iPhone, iPad, and Mac as early as next year. Mark Gurman says that the upcoming developer tools should aid programmers in expanding their existing iPhone and iPad apps to the Mac platform.

Apple tentatively plans to begin rolling out the change with iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 next year, and it could announce the news as soon as WWDC 2018 in June. The project, which internally codenamed “Marzipan”, so that we should learn more about the exciting new initiative at WWDC 2018 although the exact timeline is subject to change.

Starting as early as next year, software developers will be able to design a single application that works with a touchscreen or mouse and trackpad depending on whether it's running on the iPhone and iPad operating system or on Mac hardware, according to people familiar with the matter.

With the universal binaries, developers will be able to combine code and user interface assets for both their iPhone apps and iPad-optimized apps into a single download. The new tools will also extend the universal binary concept to macOS apps, too. It makes iPhone, iPad, and Mac to get new features and updates at the same time.

Currently, developers leverage Apple’s UIKit framework on iOS and AppKit on macOS to design user interfaces, but they’re required to design separate apps for iOS and macOS. It's not clear if Apple will go one step further and eventually merge the less-popular Mac App Store with the App Store for iOS devices.

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Apple today released the first beta of iOS 11.2.5 update to its developer community, one week after seeding the first beta. If you registered from Apple's Developer Center, you will be able to download the iOS 11.2.5 beta over-the-air once the proper configuration profile has been installed from the Developer Center.

We are not not clear what new features will be included in the iOS 11.2.5 beta, but based on the version numbers, we expect these to focus on bug fix and security improvements rather than any major outward facing changes. It's not clear why Apple has skipped several numbers to release an 11.2.5 beta. We are seeing early signs of AirPlay 2 return.

In addition to release iOS 11.2.1, the company also seeded second beta of watchOS 4.2.2 and tvOS 11.2.5 to developers. The watchOS update can be installed on any iWatch model by tapping My Watch - General - Software Update in Watch app on your paired iPhone. As for tvOS 11.2.5, go to Settings - System - Software Update.

Both of these updates didn't bring any new features, it mostly focuses mainly on bug fixes, and if that's the case, we won't know the extent of the changes until it sees a public release complete with release notes. We’re also seeing the second HomePod 11.2.5 beta on the server as well although the smart speaker won’t be released until early next year.

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Since Ian Beer recently released tfp0 exploit, it seems to be assisting eager jailbreak developers in their ongoing quest to create a working jailbreak tool for iOS 11.0-11.1.2. Twitter user cheesecakeufo have shared a photo on the social media this week, which showcasing Cydia running on a jailbroken iPhone X with iOS 11.1.2 installed on it. 

The Twitter user said Ian Beer’s exploit as a big to help in making this feat possible, but some caveats remain. For one, it’ll take some fine-tuning and testing to ensure stability. Furthermore, Cydia isn’t quite ready for iOS 11 just yet, and its functions remain limited until Saurik updates the app for Apple’s latest operating system.

However, a Reddit comment by father of cydia reveals that he’s actively working on Cydia that could support iOS 11. Saurik has been quiet for the past few months. This was after he announced that he has taken a day job. Which have lead many to believe that he is no longer developing Cydia. 

The comment also underscores how Saurik able to balances his Cydia work with a day job, so we shouldn’t expect an update overnight. Nevertheless, it’s still thrilling to hear how the primary source for add-ons and tweaks on jailbroken devices will soon receive an update despite everything that has gone down in recent weeks.

It appears now we have a good news regarding Saurik and the future of Cydia, as Freeman himself has announced that he is working on iOS 11 updates for Cydia and has been working on it after his day job. Saurik mentioned that despite people believing he has made millions from his Cydia project, he has to pay for Cydia to run out of his own pocket.

Via iDownloadBlog And iOSHacker, Image Credit SlashGear

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple expected to release an upgraded version of AirPods in the second half of 2018. Kuo doesn't go into much detail about what exactly will change in the next-generation model, however he notes that they will adopt a smaller quartz component.

Kuo said that the new AirPods will be once again assembled by Taiwanese manufacturer Inventec, with individual components supplied by fellow Taiwanese companies such as Unitech, Compeq, TXC, and HLJ. The analyst also addresses the supply constraints Apple is currently experiencing with AirPods.

Media reports over the past few days on brisk AirPods demand and Apple struggling to keep up with holiday season demand align with our findings and positive predictions on AirPods in several previous reports.

Apple is also said to be releasing a new inductive AirPods charging case that will enable the wireless earphones to be charged with its new AirPower charging mat, which it said launches at some point in 2018. It will be able to charge the Apple Watch Series 3, an iPhone X or iPhone 8 model, and AirPods inside the new charging case simultaneously.

He recently said Apple has recruited Luxshare to help make AirPods, but RF printed-circuit boards for AirPods batteries are proving to be a key production bottleneck. Kuo also reiterated his estimate that AirPods shipments will double in 2018 to 26-28 million units on a year-over-year basis.

Via MacRumors And 9to5Mac, Image Credit YouTube

Starting today, iPhone X is now available with free next-day delivery from Apple's online store if ordered by 3:00 p.m. local time today in the United States. Apple quotes delivery by tomorrow for all kind iPhone X models except the silver SIM-free version with 64GB of storage, which is estimated for delivery within 2-4 days.

The free next-day shipping will last through Friday, Dec. 22. Which means you have just about five days to order an iPhone X to get one in time for Christmas. With free next day delivery now available, it appears that Apple has achieved the supply-demand balance of the iPhone X, at least for now.

Apple is also offering next-day delivery for all iPhone X orders in the United Kingdom. And in some other countries, shipping estimates appear to be short enough where a before Christmas delivery could still be possible. If you live close to an Apple Store, the company is also offering free same-day pickup for iPhone X orders, based on availability.

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said before that improved iPhone X shipping estimates are the result of better-than-expected production, rather than weak demand. The anaylst originally predicted the iPhone X would likely remain in short supply until 2018, that’s no longer the case anymore.

Other best and less-expensive gift ideas for an Apple fan available by Christmas include the Apple TV 4K, BeatsX, an official Apple-branded iPhone case, Apple Watch bands, or an Apple Store or Apple Music gift card. Unfortunately, AirPods couldn't make the Christmas shopping season, because of short supply.

Via MacRumors And iDropNews, Image Credit Wccftech

Geekbench founder, John Poole, published an article describing his findings after he diving deeper into the relationship between iPhone performance and battery age. He plotted the kernel density of Geekbench 4 scores for iPhone 6s models running iOS 10.2, iOS 10.2.1, as well as iOS 11.2, visualizing an apparent link between lower performance and degraded battery health.

The charts in the below shows that on iOS 10.2, the vast majority of iPhone 6s devices benchmarked similarly in performance. However, Poole explains that the distribution of iPhone 6s scores for iOS 10.2.1 appears multimodal, with one of large peak around the average and several smaller peaks around lower scores. Meaning after iOS 10.2.1 was released last January, the performance of a percentage of iPhone 6s devices began to suffer. 

Poole concludes that the performance issues will increase over time and are caused by both battery age and changes to iOS. All this means that Apple intentionally slowing down an older iPhone to maximize power efficiency and stability when battery capacity has degraded, as speculated, seemingly without publicly acknowledging so.

First, it appears the problem is widespread, and will only get worse as phones (and their batteries) continue to age. See, for example, the difference between the distribution of iPhone 6s scores between 10.2.1 and 11.2.0.

Second, the problem is due, in part, to a change in iOS. The difference between 10.2.0 and 10.2.1 is too abrupt to be just a function of battery condition. I believe (as do others) that Apple introduced a change to limit performance when battery condition decreases past a certain point.

It's also important to remember that all lithium-ion batteries naturally lose some of their ability to hold a charge over the course of a few years. Given the iPhone 6s was released in September 2015, the device has been available long enough for some users to consider replacing their battery regardless.

Via MacRumors And 9to5Mac, Image Credit CNET And 95

Calculating is certainly not a convenient task on Apple Watch. But that doesn't mean, you can let go off calculating on the Watch that's considered to be an iconic wearable device. Since the Watch remains on your wrist, you would definitely like to get on with your maths even on the move. And here an app that needless to take the iPhone out of your pocket,

The Calculator Free is a combining the standard and scientific calculator app, it's designed to make your calculation fast. All of the calculations will be automatically saved to let you access them later. You can easily copy and forward the calculations.

The app not only provides an option to hide the calculations for more privacy, it also built-in a currency converter. With more than 50 attractive themes available, you will be able to tweak its look as well. The best of all is that the calculator app available for free! Click here to download the app.

Although calculating on the tiny screen of the Watch is not as comfortable as it's on iPhone. However, these calculator apps help you circumvent that inconvenience to a great extent. Which one of these calculator apps has got a place on your Apple Watch? Do let us know that in the comments section.

Via iGeekBlog, Image Credit Noodlewerk Apps

As we enter the busy holiday shopping season, it appears that Apple’s AirPods are again facing supply issues. The wireless earphones are currently estimated for delivery in early January if ordered today from Apple's online store in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, and several other countries.

Not only in Apple's online store, AirPods are also currently out of stock at most of Apple's retail stores around the world, as well as at authorized resellers such as Best Buy, Macy's, Target, Walmart, and Verizon in the United States. All in all, you’ll have to look elsewhere if you waited until the last-minute to buy AirPods for that special someone this year...

If you are still hunting for AirPods, there comes an option. AT&T appears to have stock on its website, but you may have to pay an extra $14.95 for express delivery just within 2-3 business days, and there is no guarantee they'll arrive before Christmas, but also be sure to act fast as that could change within a few minutes.

AirPods are a more affordable ($159) gift idea than many Apple products, perhaps the cost explains why is causing stronger demand than Apple can keep up with. “We have increased production capacity for AirPods and are working very hard to get them to customers as quickly as we can, but we are still not able to meet the strong level of demand,” Cook said in August.

Via MacRumors And 9to5Mac, Image Credit TrustedReviews

Apple has stopped signing both iOS 11.1.1 and iOS 11.1.2, which means that downgrading or restoring to that firmware version is no longer possible. They have closed the signing window for iOS 11.1.2 just a few days after Ian Beer’s released his tfp0 exploit, to keep everyone’s data secure from hackers.

When Apple stops signing a particular firmware, this essentially means that iTunes won’t allow you to restore it anymore. Instead, you're prompted to update to the latest available firmware. In this case, that's iOS 11.2.1.

As for reason to stops signing an iOS version, perhaps it's a measure to thwart jailbreaking, which often requires older firmware versions without patches for the vulnerabilities used in the jailbreak process. It made impossible for consumers downgrade to firmware versions vulnerable to Ian Beer’s tfp0 exploit, which could bring jailbreak for iOS 11 users.

So we recommend that if you are on 11.1.2 and you want to jailbreak and you're eagerly interested in the jailbreak, then don't update to iOS 11.2.1, although Alibaba’s Pandora Lab Team have Successfully jailbroken iOS 11.2 and iOS 11.2.1, the bad news is the team won't release the untethered jailbreak to public users.

Via iDownloadBlog, Image Credit Gotta Be Mobile

According to Chinese's Alibaba blog post, their Pandora Lab has achieved an untethered jailbreak for iOS 11.2 as well as iOS 11.2.1. Pandora Lab Head Song Yang has confirmed to Redmond Pie that the iOS 11.2.1 jailbreak is untethered, which means that the device doesn’t need to be re-jailbroken every time it’s restarted.

They have shown their jailbreak running iOS on an iPhone X. In the photo shared by the Pandora Lab team, they show Cydia running on the iPhone X. Alibaba Pandora Lab team, which was established in 2017 has created this jailbreak tool and have called it ‘Pandora’ as can be seen in the image above.

Yang said that his team’s jailbreak is different from other jailbreak released over the past two years as “Pandora Lab jailbreak is ‘Untethered'”. He has made it clear that his team won’t provide any jailbreak tool and they are limited to security research purposes only.

Although we were able to jailbreak iOS 11.2 quickly, we were limited to security research purposes, our team won’t provide any jailbreak tool.”

This isn' the first time that iOS11 has been jailbroken. Back in November, Liang Chen of security firm KeenLab showed off a jailbroken iPhone X running iOS 11.1.1 at the Power of Community hacking conference in Seoul, South Korea. And just a few days ago, Ian Beer, who's a security researcher from Google's Project Zero has released iOS 11.1.2 exploit.

Via iDropNews And iOSHacker, Image Credit iDP

Yesterday, with the iMac Pro officially available for purchase, Apple once again confirmed that they are still developing a new generation of completely redesigned Mac Pro. Apple said that the new Mac Pro architected for pro users who need the highest performance, high-throughput system. In addition, a new high-end pro display is also in the work.

Apple announced back in April that they are developing a new and powerful Mac Pro. At the moment, it's unclear what the new modular Mac Pro was designed for, just knowing that the computer will adopt a modular system and may return to a tower design like the 2006 - 2012 Mac Pro with a case that could be opened with a lever on the back.

In addition to the new iMac Pro, Apple is working on a completely redesigned, next-generation Mac Pro architected for pro customers who need the highest performance, high-throughput system in a modular, upgradeable design, as well as a new high-end pro display.

The promise that it will be a high-performance and a high-throughput system suggests the modular Mac Pro could even outperform iMac Pro, which itself is the fastest Mac ever with workstation-class tech specs. We can expect that next year's Mac Pro could be featured with Xeon W-class processor.

Meanwhile, Apple also mentioned that it’s working on a new “high-end Pro display,” which will likely embody a redesign of its classic Thunderbolt display that was introduced back in 2011 and discontinued last year, and was replaced for the time being with Apple and LG’s UltraFine 4K and 5K Monitors.

Via MacRumors And iDropNews, Image Credit 9to5Mac

According to the DeadlineApple has picked up a unnamed sci-fi space drama which will be led by Ronald D. Moore, who is the showrunner for “Outlander” on Starz and previously worked on “Star Trek” and the “Battlestar Galactica” reboot.

The show, which "explores what would have happened if the global space race had never end. The project hails from Sony Pictures Television and Moore’s studio-based Tall Ship Productions. It was created and written by Moore and "Fargo" co-executive producers Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi.

The untitled series takes place in a world in which the global space race never ended. Moore created the series and will serve as writer along with Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi. All three will also executive produce along with Maril Davis of Moore’s Tall Ship Productions.

The new space drama is Apple's third series that's in development. Apple in October inked a deal with Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television and Comcast's NBC Universal to create new episodes of sci-fi series "Amazing Stories." In November, the company picked up an untitled "morning show drama" that will star Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.

Apple's original content is being led by former Sony executives Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht, who joined Apple in June 2017. Amburg and Erlicht produced shows like "Breaking Bad," "The Crown," and "Better Call Saul," are running Apple's video programming efforts on a worldwide scale under iTunes chief Eddy Cue.

Via iDownloadBlog And MacRumors, Image Credit ValueWalk

The Federal Communications Commission has voted to repeal Net Neutrality rules that dismantle landmark rules regulating the businesses which connect consumers to the internet, granting broadband companies power to potentially reshape Americans’ online experiences. The rules put in place by the United States government back in 2015 under the Obama administration

Now, broadband providers like AT&T, Verizon, And Charter will be allowed to blocking or slow down a user's access to certain websites, as well as potentially charge access to sites and services. The vote passed in favor under FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, along with the two other Republican commissioners Michael O'Rielly and Brendan Carr.

The order passed today by the FCC will eliminate a "utility-style regulation" of ISPs, and also removes any requirement for these companies to refrain from blocking or throttling web traffic. The remaining requirement is that telcos will be forced to tell clients if their content is prioritized over competitors, if they don't they could face penalties from the Federal Trade Commission.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was one of 21 tech pioneers who signed an open letter calling for the cancellation of today’s vote. The Cupertino firm and many other large tech companies previously urged the FCC to reconsider its proposal. Those in favor of keeping ISPs classified under Title II argued that the FCC rolling back the internet's classification as a public utility will hurt net neutrality.

Apple will be impacted by the decision, given its growing dependence on cloud services such as Apple Music, iMessage, iCloud Drive, and the App Store. The company's push into 4K and original video might be severely hampered if throttling becomes widespread.

Via 9to5Mac, AppleInsider, And MacRumors, Image Credit BGR

Apple's all-new iMac Pro now available to order from the company's online store, and soon through the Apple Store app on iPhone and iPad. Prices start at $4,999 and the max out at $13,199, first orders arriving December 27th.

The performance monster equipped with a 10-core 3.0GHz Intel Xeon processor recorded a multi-core score of just over 37,400, which is up to 45 percent faster than a high-end 2013 Mac Pro's average multi-core score of 25,747. The 10-core version is also up to 93 percent faster than the latest 27-inch 5K iMac with top-of-the-line tech specs.

In addition provides up to an 18-core processor, that hardware includes up to 4TB of SSD storage, up to 128GB of ECC RAM, an up to AMD Radeon Pro Vega 64 graphics processor with 16GB of HBM2 memory as well.

The iMac Pro comes in Space Gray with matching Space Gray accessories. The machine features four Thunderbolt 3 ports, four USB 3 ports, a 1080p FaceTime camera, as well as support for two additional 5K displays, or four 4K UHD displays. , you can purchase both the Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2 at the initial time of purchase.

Apple's iMac Pro is a powerful, top-of-the-line workstation specially designed for the professional users with demanding workflows, like advanced video and graphics editing, virtual reality content creation, and real-time 3D rendering. The biggest weakness of the desktop is lack of upgradability, but a PC with equivalent tech specs costs around $5,100.

The iMac Pro is now available to order in the United States, Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, most European countries, and select other regions. Head to Apple’s Online Store for all of the details.

Via MacRumors And 9to5Mac, Image Credit Parka Blogs And Macworld

Shortly after iOS 11.2.1 was released, Apple today released the first beta of iOS 11.2.5 update to its developer community. If you registered from Apple's Developer Center, you will be able to download the iOS 11.2.5 beta over-the-air once the proper configuration profile has been installed from the Developer Center.

We are not not clear what new features will be included in the iOS 11.2.5 beta, but based on the version numbers, we expect these to focus on bug fix and security improvements rather than any major outward facing changes. It's not clear why Apple has skipped several numbers to release an 11.2.5 beta.

In addition to release iOS 11.2.1, the company also seeded first beta of watchOS 4.2.2 and tvOS 11.2.5 to developers. The watchOS update can be installed on any iWatch model by tapping My Watch - General - Software Update in Watch app on your paired iPhone. As for tvOS 11.2.5, go to Settings - System - Software Update.

While these betas are available for developer testing, we’re also seeing the first HomePod 11.2.5 beta on the server as well although the smart speaker won’t be released until early next year We will update this post when new features were found.

Via MacRumors And 9to5Mac, Image Credit The Mac Observer

Apple has released iOS 11.2 to its iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users, mark the eighth official update to the iOS 11 operating system. The new update comes a week and a half after the release of iOS 11.2. Users can download the iOS 11.2.1 update for free OTA in the Settings - General -Software Update.

According to Apple's release notes, the software update restores remote access in HomeKit for shared users that was temporarily disabled last week to fixes a vulnerability in Apple’s smart home framework that allowed unauthorized access in certain circumstances. Apple has also released tvOS 11.2.1 which is likely related to the fix.

The HomeKit bug, first discovered by 9to5Mac, which can allowed unauthorized access to HomeKit accessories that included smart locks, and it was fixed server-side by Apple after it was made public. however, users can update to the latest version of iOS to restore that functionality.

iOS 11.2.1 fixes bugs including an issue that could disable remote access to shared users of the Home app.

Aside from releasing iOS 11.2.1, Apple today also released tvOS 11.2.1 to restores HomeKit sharing. User can download the tvOS update by open the Settings app on the Apple TV and going to System - Software Update. Devices on beta versions may need to remove beta profiles then reboot to see the updates.

Via MacRumors And 9to5mac, Image Credit Apple Support

Google has published its annual list of the most popular searches of the year. This year’s new iPhones - iPhone 8 and iPhone X took the #2 and #3 slots after Hurricane Irma. Fourth and fifth places were taken by Matt Lauer and Meghan Markle.

It appears that the results make it look like the iPhone 8 is more popular than the iPhone X, the reason is because that Apple's flagship smartphone was more commonly referred to as the iPhone 8 in rumors until a leaked version of iOS 11 essentially confirmed stealthier name back in August.

In the consumer tech category, both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X were the highest trending search terms in 2017, ahead of the Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy S8, and Xbox One X in the top five globally. In the United States in particular, while the iPhone 8 Plus was the sixth-most trending search term.

The results are almost identical in 2016, as the iPhone 7 was the top trending smartphone brand on Google, but the second most trending search term overall behind smash-hit game Pokémon GO. Also in last year, Freedom 251 and iPhone SE gtts third and fourth spots in the Consumer Tech list.

Google Trends outlines other popular search terms in its Year in Search 2017 categories, such as actors, athletes, car brands, exercises, movies, recipes, songs and lyrics, sports teams, TV shows, as well world events.

Via MacRumors And Cult Of Mac, Image Credit Engadget
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