Rumors: Apple To Planning A Release For Blush Gold iPhone X, And It's In Production For Now

According to the famous leaker Ben Geskin who has tweeted that Apple is still planning to release the iPhone X in a so-called Blush Gold color, and says that the devices currently is "in production," with a codename of D21A. Here is what will be look like...

Geskin added that the "color is real" and said Apple just "saved it for later," but later says that "stuff can be canceled." However, it certainly possible that they will prop up the final quarters of sales with the introduction of a new chassis color. For instance, Apple did this last year with the debut of a limited edition PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 7 in the spring.

Back in September of last year, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple may be encountering some production issues with the gold iPhone X, which could explains why Space Gray and Silver will be the only colors at launch. But he did predicted that the gold iPhone X would be available in "extremely low volume" or go on sale at a later date.

Perhaps the supply chain already solved the production problem, plus that since Apple has announced a March 27 event, so maybe the new color is announced then, even through the event will be heavily focused on "creative new ideas for teachers and students".

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