Apple's iPad Continue To Dominate Global Tablet Market, As Its Shares Reached Highest In First Quarter Since 2014

According to research firm IDC, although global tablet shipments in the first quarter of 2018 declined 11.7% from the prior year, the iPads had the highest share of the worldwide tablet market during last quarter in four years, as Apple reported on Tuesday that it sold 9,1 million iPads during the period.

For the sake of comparison, it estimates that iPads accounted for 28.8 percent of tablet shipments over the three-month period, compared to 24.9 percent in the year-ago quarter, which gives a 2.1% of year-over-year growth, And the growth also helped iPad grab highest first quarter market share since 2014, when it captured a 32.7 percent stake.

Surprisingly, Samsung's tablet share stays the same, in which they captured 16.7% in both 1Q 2018 and 1Q 2017, but the shipments has went down from six million in the year-ago quarter. Amazon, however, faced even larger decline, as it's estimated to have shipped just 1.1 million tablets from January through March, a 49.5 percent decline from the year-ago quarter.

On the other hand, Chinese tablet vendors like Huawei and Lenovo all saw impressive growth, with Huawei gained 13 percentage points. Looking into future, the iPad sales will be continue climbing up, since that Apple has introduced couple low-priced versions.

Image Credit IDC

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